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BVG - Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft

Unified Communications

  • Unified Messaging: voice mail, fax and text messages
  • CTI outbound: enables users to dial from their PC via Outlook
  • CTI inbound: triggers a pop-up (with caller data from Outlook) when a call comes in
  • Automated-Attendant: with natural-language controls, helping to relieve switchboard staff
  • Alarm mode: swift and same -time notification of a defined circle of people via landline or cellphone
  • Caller prompt and skill-based routing for BVG Call Center with speech recognition in complete sentences and everyday language
  • Timetable enquiries: automated travel announcements in the BVG Call Center by text -to-speech (TTS)

BVG - Auto-Attendant and Unified Messaging

Uwe Biedermann, project manager telecommunications:

„The hub of the new concept is Outlook. Using that software, we can send a mail to the CreaLog Server which then generates a fax or a text for immediate dispatch. In doing so, the intelligent system automatically creates a uniform cover sheet and attaches office documents or graphics files in the correct sequence. Voice message delivery is also one of the advantages provided by the new applications set-up.“

„Thanks to different ways of setting up time-controlled call routing profiles, I can use my PC to organize where and when I can be contacted. This user mobility feature is a most effective solution for a control center environment where somebody some where has to be available on a 24/7 basis.“

Company profile

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Martin Vennik - Director Sales
Contact Person

Fon: +49 89 324 656-51

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