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Speech Analytics by CreaLog at work at Dialogo in Italy

Already the 11th joint project

ASC implements contact center solution INSPIRATION with Speech Analytics by CreaLog at Dialogo in Italy
International renowned customer service center of the automotive industry with 20 years of experience opts for a solution powered by ASC...
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Swisscom launches CreaLog Mobile Call Recording

Secure recording of mobile phone calls

Berne, 12 January 2015 Swisscom launches its Mobile Voice Recording managed service. This enables financial service providers in particular to record and securely store mobile phone calls, SMS and connection information, and therefore also comply...
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TV-Platform by CreaLog

Whether early in the morning or late at night: For ten years now. has been staging interactive home shopping shows every day for 20 hours a day, allowing customers to determine their own product prices by submitting offers. CreaLog's tv...
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E-mail Forwarding in the CreaLog Contact Center

Flexible and efficient

It takes some good judgement to respond properly to incoming customer e-mails in the Contact Center. For a start, not all e-mails need to be answered immediately. But then, customers are getting ever more impatient, not least with their e-mails. A...
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Video Clip: That's how speech recognition works!

Visiting the Sparda Bank Nuremberg Call Center

How are machines changing the way we live together and how do algorithms work? The short film series, "Looking Into Black Boxes", answers questions like these. To produce their latest film (in German with English subtitles), the team made their way...
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CreaLog presents successful scenarios for voice biometrics solutions

'My Voice is my Password'

It may not seem believable: Many years ago, CreaLog launched an intelligent solution based on voice biometrics for more security in telebanking – that was in 2002, at the European Banking Technology Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Over the years this...
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CCIT 2013 wrap up!

Business process optimization and quality assurance for media portals

A new offer by CreaLog

Telcos and corporate customers who use IVRs as a mass calling platform, as a contact center solution, or as a speech dialog system often face the same problem: complex and sometimes confusing process chains.  And very soon the following questions...
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