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Mobile Midwife: Tips and advice by mobile phone

Pilot project startet

Die Mütter- und Kindersterblichkeit in Angola gehört zu den höchsten der Welt. Gerade Mütter und ihre neugeborenen Kinder in abgelegenen Regionen des westafrikanischen Staates brauchen mehr Hilfe und Informationen, damit ihre Lebenserwartung deutlich...
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CreaLog provides a glimpse into the future of customer service

IVR experts present demo for Voice First Devices at VMA Congress

At the VMA 2017 Congress in Rome, CreaLog offered a glimpse into the future of customer service. With the help of Amazon Alexa, the IVR specialists demonstrated how customer service skills will help companies to enable their customers to communicate...
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Intelligente Sprach-Assistenten für den Kundenservice der Zukunft

Alexa, Siri und Co. wirbeln den Markt für Sprachdialogsysteme auf. Was können die neuen Lösungen, welchen Einfluss haben sie auf Kundenservices von...

Alexa, ich habe morgen um 15.00 Uhr einen Termin in München. Kümmerst Du Dich bitte um die Flugbuchung?“
„Gerne, Peter! Ich würde Dir aber empfehlen, mit dem Zug zu fahren. Das passt besser zu Deinem CO2-Kontingent. Ist außerdem gerade sehr günstig...
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Infant mortality in Angola to decline

Due to a new service developed by CreaLog, supported by People in Need (PIN) a Czech nonprofit NGO, and run by the largest Angolan Mobile Service...

Gradually the service, christened Infant Maternal Mortality Prevention Reminder, will be extended to all Angolan regions. The Challenge Worldwide Angola ranks second in infant mortality rate of unter 5 year olds, an holds position 24 in maternal...
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What is Speech Analytics? CreaLog presents the benefits of modern speech analysis

CreaLog lecture at the event "Erfolgreiches Contactcenter" in Hanau, Germany

Wussten Sie, dass in Ihrem Call Center versteckte Schätze schlummern? Unser Experte zeigt auf der Veranstaltung Erfolgreiches Contactcenter am 16.11.2017 in Hanau, wie Unternehmen diese Schätze aufspüren und heben können. Wir informieren im Vortrag...
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Outlook integration with Unified Messaging

Efficiency increases with modern communication channels

Unified Communications optimizes the availability of different communication channels and helps companies increase the efficiency of work. In addition to conference solutions and IVR, Unified Messaging is an important component of CreaLog's unified...
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Amazon Alexa - a Next Generation IVR?

Speech Recognition in a new dimension. CreaLog supports personal assistants.

With Internet of Things (IoT) and digitization become more and more common and conquering households around the world, the field of voice-controlled intelligent devices is growing at tremendous speed. Products and services like Amazon Alexa, Google...
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Voice portal off-loads grid operator's control rooms

All time access guaranteed

Every blackout comes as a surprise It was really quite a normal Tuesday morning in the town of Esslingen on the Neckar. All of a sudden, in the entire district surrounding the Harbor Market, all the lights went out. The coffee maker in the popular...
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AI – Part of CreaLog's DNA for Years

Whether at CCW or CeBIT — everywhere, artificial intelligence along with all its facets is being celebrated as the all new object of hype. But is...

AI (artificial intelligence) deals with automating intelligent behavior in an effort to reproduce human-like intelligence. Many aspects of what is presently being celebrated and praised under the attractive label of  "artificial intelligence" or "AI"...
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Telephone Beats Chatbot, Remains Highly Popular

New technologies open new prospects. But always keep in mind users' specific requirements.

Today, chatbots are one of the hottest topics of customer service. Clearly, In future, they will be a normal, indispensable way for website or online shop operators to communicate with their customers. But at present, man-machine dialogue is still...
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