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Why Multi-Channel Banking?

No true multi-channel banking without telephone banking

Multi-channel banking means true freedom of choice in how to access the bank, irrespective of time, location and the banking customer's concern. Real multi-channel banking today also includes true telephone banking, either with an employee in the bank's service center or via an IVR system in the telephone banking system.

Telephone banking via an IVR, or spoken dialog system, allows the customer to instruct banking transactions around the clock from any phone anywhere, conveniently using speech recognition and with maximum security! At present, banking customers are using market-leading CreaLog telephone banking solutions over 30 million times a year for their banking transactions via voice portal – and the trend is only upwards!

High acceptance among banking customers

Over 30 million times a year – that's how often banking customers use the CreaLog voice portals for their telephone banking transactions. 
Banking customers love good IVRs because they are available round the clock, there is never a queue and they listen perfectly with the leading cutting-edge speech recognition technology.
Banking customers also appreciate the security of calls and the speed of transactions. "The quickest transfer in Europe" using the CreaLog IVR brings fast and final transfer by phone into sharp focus!

Improved security in multi-channel banking using security questions with voice biometrics (voice as password) by phone

Even beyond telephone banking and brokerage, voice portals improve security in the other communications channels in multi-channel banking:
by using voice biometrics (myvoice is my password) for security questions for payment transactions made by phone. The buyer is phoned during the payment transaction and authorizes the payment using a password and/or voice profile

This can be used to secure transactions or authorize payments:

  • at ATMs
  • when making payments over the Internet
  • when using a credit card
  • when contacting customer service agents by phone
  • or at the point of sale in retail trade

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