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Fault management

IVR announcement systems in the event of disruptions to gas, electricity or water supplies

In the event of a major supply fault, a supplier's control center can quickly find itself unable to cope with the large numbers of people calling to report the problem.

Fault announcement systems provide a solution here.

They are easy to administer and provide callers with specific, real-time information as to when a particular fault is expected to be fixed.

When people call, they are given information only about faults which are relevant to them.
The relevant faults are identified either

  • On the basis of the caller's postal code
  • On the basis of the caller's dialing code

Naturally, the fault announcements do not all need to be recorded in advance. They can also be typed out by the control center at short notice. Using speech synthesis (TTS), the text is then played back to the caller in the form of a clearly comprehensible announcement.

Of course, the caller can also report a new fault if they wish to do so.


The control center can prioritize new gas, electricity and water supply faults differently. Given that faults in the gas supply generally pose an imminent danger with considerable potential for damage, callers wishing to report such faults are immediately put through to a member of control center staff who can then provide rapid assistance.

Fault announcement and pre-qualification systems can take much of the burden off any control center!

Alerting systems

Using text-to-speech software, the voice portal converts alert e-mails sent by an administrator into speech which is then distributed via telephone calls to those in the alert chain.

As a result, even people who are not at a desk with e-mail access can be kept up to date at all times.

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