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Unified Communications

Hosted communications for public administration

More and more federal states, cities and municipalities are outsourcing their information and communications technology (ICT) to independent service providers. These companies can then operate flexibly within the market and may be active in a number of different countries. This takes advantage of any synergy effects and also reduces the costs of ICT for the public sector.

CreaLog solutions based in central public hosting computer centers cover the following areas.

In public administration, the Next Generation Contact Center integrates all necessary members of staff into the call and document distribution process, wherever they happen to be working. Regardless of what telephone equipment is installed within the workplace, communication with all media can take place via a PC or laptop.

As a client-capable cloud service, CreaLogUnified Messaging integrates perfectly into the world of public computer centers along with CreaLog Conferencing or the CreaLog Auto Attendant for example. All of these products can easily be adapted, are highly scalable and thus reduce the amount of resources used.

CreaLog Unified Messaging thus complements the portfolios of municipal and state computer centers ideally.

CreaLog Conferencing

CreaLog Conferencing optimizes communications processes across the entire company, thereby delivering excellent service to employees, customers, partners and investors.

Irrespective of the size, location and time of the meeting.

CreaLog Conferencing supports all forms of audio and video conferences such as: 

  • Automated ad hoc conferences
  • Operator-led conferences
  • White label conferences
  • Web conferences

Automated ad hoc conferences

The user-friendly web user interface provides fast and easy conference booking. All invitees automatically receive a meeting invitation by e-mail, SMS or on their mobile applications.

Operator-led conferences 

The ACD function in the CreaLog conferencing solution enables conference services with live operator support to be led by skill groups e.g. for conference booking requests in different languages. The chairperson user interface helps the chairperson to lead and guide the conference.

White label conference solutions

You want to ensure the satisfaction of your most important customers using a solution with your own branding that integrates seamlessly into your customers' business processes. This is easily done, thanks to the client capability of CreaLog conferencing. Tools and integration interfaces such as plugins for groupware (MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes), conference recordings etc. allow you to create customer-specific conference solutions using CreaLog Professional Services.

Web conferences

As a supplement to the audio and video conferencing solution, CreaLog web collaboration offers shared use of applications and joint editing of documents and presentations.

Solutions for mobile devices and mobile customers

Administrators can gain access to the CreaLog conferencing platform for mobile devices either using mobile apps or a mobile browser. Furthermore, administrators in countries where Internet-based administration is not possible can issue invitations and manage conferences by dialing in and using speech recognition.


  • HD Voice and HD Video ready
  • Device-independent
  • Carrier-grade scalable
  • Incorporation into TDM/NGN and IMS infrastructure
  • Maximum system stability

CreaLog Auto Attendant

CreaLog AutoAttendant allows the user to be connected to employees, agencies or departments.

Input is in colloquial sentences such as: "I'd like to speak to Ms Schneider in Marketing" or "I need to talk to someone in Sales".

The caller can also be given information on direct dial, cell and fax numbers as well as the e-mail address of the person they are trying to reach. The postal address and office address can also be stated.


  • Voice-controlled auto attendant
  • Calls can be accepted round the clock
  • Direct connection to the person you want to speak to or their deputy
  • Additional information such as address, e-mail address and cellphone number
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