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Versicherungskammer Bayern

Innovative Insurance Coverage by IVR

  • Efficient, cost aware customer processes
  • Multiple data bases involved
  • Well informed service agents
  • Convenient 24/7 service offering

Versicherungskammer Bayern - Electronic confirmation of coverage by Voice Portal

Isabella Martorell Nassl, Operations Division Manager 

“Automating their services is nothing new for insurance companies. However, it is not yet general practice for a voice-enabled computer to generate an eVB number completely single-handed. This is a highly innovative and most exciting development for our industry."


"When realizing the solution, CreaLog’s extensive experience was our benefit—our partner’s expert support worked outstandingly well. Now we are in a good position to take on automating other business processes in our organization in future as well—in part or even completely.”

A real highlight: eVB numbers come via SMS

Asked what she would count among the real highlights of the new solution, Christine Rüde does not hesitate to answer:

“The option to send the eVB number via SMS is a specially convenient feature for callers using the spoken dialog system (IVR).”

To enable this, the system prompts the customer for his mobile number or recognizes it directly if the call comes from a mobile telephone. So note taking errors or failing pens are a thing of the past—and so is the need to observe normal office hours.

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