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Speech Analytics

CreaLog Speech Analytics

Analyze the content of conversations

CreaLog Speech Analytics automatically ascertains information about the structure, content and characteristics of conversations as well as characteristics of the speaker.

This information is predominantly used for quality assurance, process optimization and in business intelligence.

On the one hand it is possible to search through existing voice data for specific information and to prepare statistics. On the other hand, it is possible to react immediately to particular events in live operation by means of the IVR (Voice Portal) or the supervisor.

Automatically analyze, categorize and evaluate conversations in the contact center

  • Determination of speaker characteristics e.g. age and gender
  • Emotion detection
  • Speaker identification
  • Language identification
  • Key word spotting
  • Topic spotting

Workforce Optimization with Quality Management

The focus is on recording, analyzing and evaluating conversations between contact centers and their customers. The content of these conversations is automatically analyzed. The results of the analysis are used to optimize business processes and to improve customer service quality. 

Improvement of call quality and business processes

The analysis and evaluation supported by speech technology allows a variety of call recordings to be examined for business-related issues, for examp

  • Does the contact center agent adhere to discourse guidelines? 
  • Do the agent's skills meet the requirements of the campaign? 
  • Is the agent able to implement specified corporate quality characteristics? 
  • Does the agent achieve the specified goals of the call? 
  • Does the caller come across as agitated or unhappy? 
  • Is reference made to current marketing activities?

CreaLog's highly-developed speech analytics technology makes it possible to track down the relevant passages automatically from a host of call recordings. This allows the supervisor or team leader in the contact center to listen specifically to the sections of the call that the system has highlighted as problematic, to check suspected weaknesses and to initiate relevant coaching measures.

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