Conference Servers and Applications

Modular Teleconferencing System for Telcos and Enterprises

The CreaLog Conference Manager

The CreaLog Conference Manager software enables the provisioning of highly scalable conference solutions with a sophisticated redundancy concept. It seamlessly integrates with any VoIP/SIP or IMS environment and enables reliable operation for 100,000 and more concurrent participants. The rights concept comprises of system operator, (client) administrator, moderator and participant.

Conference Invitation by Moderator

An unlimited number of participants and moderators can participate in each conference until full system or client capacity is reached.
Conference invites are sent out by e-mail (with attached ICS calendar file) or text message and administered by the conference moderators via browser interface. Conference invitations and system prompts are multi-lingual. Via LDAP integration the moderator easily selects and add participants. Integration with standard e-mail clients (e.g. MS Outlook) is available.

Conferences separation on the system is ensured via individual conference ID or separate dial-in numbers from the available number pool.

The moderator manages the conference by keypad input or the browser front-end.

Moderator Options

Schedule ad-hoc, one-time or recurring conferences either as dial-in, dial-out, or mixed conferences

Assign resources (max. number of participants, dial-in number or conference ID)

Change of topic, date and time of the conference at any time

Start of the conference with or without moderator present. If the moderator is mandatory for the conference start, participants are placed on-hold until he joins the conference (waiting room function)

Mute, add or disconnect participants any time

Lock the conference (new participants cannot dial-in)

Recording & Transcription

When conferences are recorded and transcribed (Voice2Text) participants are informed of the fact when entering the conference. The conference recording and transcript may later be evaluated by Speech Analytics (Voice Analytics) and transferred for further processing to AI systems.

Technical Features

Virtually unlimited number of participants

Connection to any telephone network (IMS, VoIP, ISDN)

Reporting for invoicing and analysis of traffic statistics, overview of reserved resources 

Conference recording & transcription function

Conference types: unplanned (ad hoc), planned and anytime (permanently reserved with fixed PIN)

Conference modes: Standard conference, press conference and teaching/student conferences

Effective filtering of line and room echoes

Automatic volume adaptation for the various conference participants

Active recognition of requests to speak by the conference server

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