IM-SSF Migration

IM-SSF Broker

Enabling technology for new IMS and NGN while preserving existing investments

The CreaLog IM-SSF application is enabling access to existing CAMEL service environments from the IMS. Thus IMS users can use services implemented on the IN while preserving and leveraging existing Telco investments.

One of the challenges operators face when introducing the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) are the involved cost and risk of introducing something new into an existing and proven network that already includes a large array of valuable revenue-generating services. Operators simply can’t afford the time or cost needed to re-platform their entire service portfolio when introducing IMS, and their existing subscribers will surely not accept reductions in quality or the number of the offered services.

The CreaLog IM-SSF application overcomes this migration problem by allowing access to the existing CAMEL service environment from the IMS — so that IMS users can easily use services implemented on the IN.
Service requests between IMS and NGN are mediated against legacy service delivery platforms such as IN SCPs in 2G / 3G or fixed-line networks.

Many standardized protocols such as INAP, CAMEL, AIN and MAP (as well as vendor specific protocols) are supported. Hence the CreaLog IM-SSF solution can easily be integrated with any network topology.

For more information please download the IM-SSF Data Sheet.

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