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Service Bots

AI-supported dialogs on all channels

Conversational Agents

The omnichannel concept for a systemic customer experience has received a major boost in recent years through the use of intelligent algorithms. AI-supported dialog systems that use a common database for voice and text services mean that customers can now actually interact with companies seamlessly 24/7 on all communication channels.

It no longer matters to customers whether they start the dialog by phone with a VoiceBot, continue it via the website using a ChatBot, communicate via a smart speaker using voice input, or use messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber: All of these contact channels provide the same information because they use the same database. Best of all, by avoiding information silos, these communication channels can be quickly and easily integrated into the customer service experience.

Flexible, cost-effective, global

CreaLog offers ServiceBots that can be deployed on-premise or from the cloud and require little or no investment in the company's own infrastructure. The different billing models are also quite flexible, ranging from tiered pricing based on time of use, processed service cases or number of customer requests, to contemporary managed services. The large number of available language packages enables the global use of the developed ServiceBots.

State-of-the-art conversational design 

When developing ServiceBots, CreaLog benefits from over 25 years of experience and expertise with intelligent, interactive voice response (IVR) systems for a wide range of industries. The planning and development of each ServiceBot always focuses on the following questions: What is the customer's intent and how can they get it quickly and in a focused manner? If it's a matter of standard inquiries such as opening hours or rates, predefined menu items can be a suitable solution. If complex and diverse topics are involved, free text or voice input will lead the customer most swiftly to the goal. Mixed forms in the question/answer structure of the ServiceBot are particularly convenient for customers: freely formulated inquiries in the first step, then targeted follow-up questions from the ServiceBot. This turns automated customer service into an enjoyable experience.

Voice Self Services

CreaLog Customer Self-Service for various customers touch points including voice, SMS, USSD, smartphone apps and the Web help operators minimize OPEX for providing the entire range of customer services needed in a prepaid or postpaid environment. For subscribers, the system is accessible anywhere at any time. This solution provides secure customer authentication and supports balance information, prepaid top-up, voucher insertion, service activation, SIM card lock/ unlock, and handset configuration. Pre-Qualification is performed by speech recognition or key selection.

The self-service platform delivers services on the IVR channel via SMS or USSD. It uses sophisticated natural language understanding (NLU) speech recognition to deliver convenient voice based services with full automation. The voice user interface (VUI) is available in more than 50 different languages for speech recognition and text-to-speech, offering unsurpassed flexibility and a superior customer experience. Open interfaces to CRM, CTI, and BSS & OSS help to enable real time services with high self-service success.

Voice User Interface and Conversational UI

A Voice User Interface is operated purely by voice. This is made possible by modern technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. A Voice User Interface is able to achieve human speech on a very high quality level with a speech recognition accuracy of 95% and more.

Voice-First Devices

Devices and services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Samsung Bixby help people in their everyday life, making many actions more comfortable and faster via voice control. Our specialists develop tailor-made solutions using speech recognition, speech recording and speech analytics that provide great benefits on devices like Amazon Alexa.
CreaLog leverages its 25 years of expertise with natural language understanding and Conversational UI design to develop a new hands-free and voice-controlled experience for companies and their customers alike. With the use of voice-first devices like Amazon Alexa, our IVR specialists help Communication Service Providers to offer their customers services in a modern, easy way.

Download our Voice User Interface Design Data Sheet for details.

Count on our 25 Years of Experience

With more than 400 customers from all industries we have a proven record of success. Please check our reference overview or directly download our A1 Telekom Austria, ITDZ Berlin or Unitymedia case studies.

NLU Speech Recognition

Better IVR customer dialogs with CreaLog speech recognition

Telecommunications companies must focus on responding to their customers in order to not lose them. Automated service on the phone still is the primary point of contact, which customers happily accept if they are connected quickly with the person they want to talk to. In addition to this aspect, the "agent" cost factor also plays an important part. Speech recognition enabled IVRs can create a win-win situation with speed and cost savings if used in pre-qualification and self-services.

CreaLog IVR Portals achieve consistently high recognition performance

The latest recognition software and the syntax developed by CreaLog facilitate not only the recognition of individual words but also the description of entire sentence contexts. This makes it quick and clear to describe complex input options so that effective dialogs in natural language can be implemented.

A large number of highly varied self-service options have already been implemented. The syntax developed by CreaLog also optimizes the accuracy of the speech recognition. This syntax supplements the pure phoneme or word-based recognition with logical alternatives, enabling entire sentence contexts to be described.

With barge-in (also called talk-in, talkover or cut-through), caller utterances during voice portal announcements can also be recognized. This accelerates dialogs and navigation is faster and freer. 

The CreaLog team can help you to optimize the use of individual speech recognition solutions with Professional Services for process and dialog analysis, vocabulary and syntax design as well as ongoing acceptance and success analyses.

A special function on the CreaLog Platform makes optimal use of the licensed speech recognition ressources. The CreaLog Speech Server guarantees that a speech recognition resource is available at the right time for all IVR dialogs.

Download the Speech Processing Data Sheet for more information.



  • Use of market-leading cutting-edge technology
  • Speech recognition for 56 languages around the world
  • Syntax analysis for sentence contexts
  • MRCP support

Text-to-Speech or Speech Synthesis

Read out text and database content with CreaLog Speech Synthesis

Provisioning of voice portals, reading out email, web sites, news, traffic reports or other regularly updated information, implementing intelligent personal assistants, facilitating voice output of UMS (unified messaging) – all this is possible with speech synthesis.

Speech Synthesis, also called Text-to-Speech (TTS), is usually used where large volumes of information need to be read aloud or information is frequently updated. It can be used to convert any written text into speech.

Download the Speech Processing Data Sheet for more information.

Corporate Voice

Corporate Voice makes your speech synthesis sound perfectly natural and, in future, exactly in your company's "voice".

Your individual speech synthesis is created from the voice of your company, i.e. the voice in your advertising or your voice on the phone.

This individual speech synthesis can then be integrated seamlessly into existing voice prompts and used in a variety of applications in your company.

Speech Analytics & AI

Discover and raise insight treasures with state-of-the-art technology

Quality assurance and process streamlining of customer calls are crucial when communicating with customers by phone. 
CreaLog Speech Analytics helps analyze the content of these conversations automatically.
Our customers utilize the results of such analyses for quality assurance, process streamlining, documentation purposes, and to handle call center operations. CreaLog Speech Analytics carries out analyses while calls are in progress as well as by processing stored call recordings. 
Analyzing recorded phone calls enables you to determine which staff member needs education or training in which area.

Download the Speech Analytics Data Sheet for more information.


Key word search

Call transcription

Text analysis

Individual analysis and assessment

Complies with current data privacy guidelines

Multiple level method to anonymize personal information

Scalable to any extent

Uses technology from multiple partners for best possible results


Information relevant for quality assurance, process streamlining, and handling call center operations

Customer satisfaction insights

Findings relating to the organization’s image

Insight into training and education requirements of individual staff members

Insight into customer service quality

Identifies relevant topics

Support for one number routing

Identifies automation potentials

Voice biometrics — Speaker verification — Voice ID

High security with CreaLog SpeakerVerification

  • Fast, easy and available everywhere – user authentication by telephone
  • Enhanced security through direct authentication – reduced fraud opportunities
  • Cost effective and flexibly deployable, no special hardware required
  • Easy, intuitive handling by the user “Your voice – your password”
  • High reliability with market leading technology
  • For banks, insurance companies, user helpdesk and many other lines of business

The human voice is unique. No two voices in the world are hundred percent alike.

They vary according to physical features like size and form of the larynx and the length and frequency of the vocal chord.

Apart from that, acquired features like dialect, accent, speech disorders or language habits play an important role. This uniqueness is used by SpeakerVerification to carry out a secure and comfortable verification, be it alone or in combination with passwords, passphrases or a PIN.

Voice is well suited for biometric identification, because on one hand there is a high variability between different speakers, whilst on the other hand there is a high degree of stability between different voice samples of the same person.

During a short enrollment process SpeakerVerification generates a unique voiceprint of a person. When the same user calls again, the system compares his or her voice with the stored voiceprint. If they are identical, the caller is given access to the system. If not, the caller is rejected and could be forwarded to an agent.

If needed SpeakerVerification not only verifies the caller at the beginning, but also throughout the whole dialog. This further enhances security.

Unlike other biometric technologies, like iris scan or fingerprint, CreaLog SpeakerVerification can be used on any location where a phone is available. No new, costly and unknown equipment has to be bought by the caller or customer.

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