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Call Recording

For your business customers: cloud-based communications solutions

Take advantage of CreaLog's network-based solutions to deliver more efficient communication for your business customers, public authorities and associations. Your business customers can use the communications services both on the road and in the office and benefit from CreaLog's mature and successful solutions. Companies can save money on investing in their own infrastructure because the communications solutions are delivered from your telecommunications network based on the cloud.

Largest contact center and IVR cloud project:

CreaLog is behind what is currently the largest network-based contact center project in Germany, with central routing of all calls, taking account of skills and locations, to over 20,000 employees at around 2000 sites nationwide. Cloud solutions from CreaLog are therefore failsafe, designed in a distributed and networked architecture with redundancy.

Successful services

Mass Calling platforms from Crealog for Televoting and Contests  make interactive formats for TV and radio truly interactive and successful for the first time. Talk to us about our international references.

CreaLog Conferencing from CreaLog facilitates telephone and web conferences for you and your business customers anytime and anywhere.

IN Number Translation is the complete solution for the IN manager, integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Cloud Contact Center

“Software as a Service” helps companies get rid of their costly proprietary contact center technology. Today’s companies feel the need for virtual contact centers that distribute customer relationship management activities across multiple locations. This enables flexible working models for employees and accommodates telecommuting.

A network based contact center can act as the central front door for any internal or external contact center agent, enabling centralized monitoring, reporting, and billing. External, outsourced call centers can be added flexibly to boost performance or for peak times. Web based interfaces are needed to integrate the agents’ desktops into the company’s backend and its business processes. The centralized approach facilitates continuous quality improvements.

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