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We love great Voice Portals

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This thing does not understand me ...

"Those days are over. Current speech recognition and robust grammars allow colloquial dialogues."


Today's speech recognition ensures excellent detection rates. If problems occur, the most common problem are poorly designed grammars. CreaLog standard grammars for the most common entries such as sums of money, date and time are based on years of experience and thousands of user utterances.

It's annoying: What I want is not there anyway

"Right, that sucks. Therefore CreaLog uses no rigid menu structures. With speech recognition you just say what you want and immediately reach your destination."


With speech recognition, why bother with hierarchical menu structures. Instead to working through multiple menu levels by telephone keypad, the caller may freely formulate his needs and thus directly gets to his destination. If the caller does not even know what to say, the main menu items are automatically suggested to him.

I do not like to converse with a robot voice. This is far too impersonal.

"Of course, a voice portal can not replace real people. But you can reach me without annoying queuing and I am also there at three o'clock at night and still friendly to you. And monotone robot announcements are a thing of the past."


Callers can reach IVRs at any time without waiting times, even at peak and non-business hours, around the clock. The sound and the wording of the voice portal is tailored to the target audience and pretty personal for the caller. Dialogs of course are enhanced by acoustic elements - Earcons and music - for an intuitive experience. Instead of playing always the samerecurring announcements, the dialog comes alive with variable text (Random Prompting) in the announcements.

I'm afraid to make mistakes. All this is much too complicated ...

"Do not worry if you're stuck again, we carry you safely through the dialog. And should it in rare events not work, the way to a personal consultant is always open."


Mixed initiative dialogs combine the advantages of the free navigation with a guided dialog. Situation-dependent help supports the caller. The dialog management takes into consideration his experience and needs. Dialog tempo, word choice and individual menus adapt to the caller. If the voice portal transfers the caller to an employee, he sees on-screen the caller data and the previous dialog history.

All this is quite unsecure

"But on the contrary! Viruses, Trojans and fake pages are on the Internet. On the phone you know with whom you are talking. Computer communication by phone is confidential, protects your PIN and other personal data."


By legitimizing yourself in the voice portal highest safety is guaranteed. In addition to the well known PIN speech recognition can query additional personal information for legitimacy. Maximum safety is ensured by the use of voice biometric techniques that verify the identity of the caller by his voice.


Prejudice towards IVRs are outdated. If the latest technologies and professional dialogue design meet, callers can quickly and successfully reach their destination. The callers will be excited and happy and call you again.

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