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CreaLog Telco Summit 2018 in Cologne

AI and the customer service of the future

At the beginning of October 2018, participants from seven European countries met at the CreaLog Telco Summit 2018 in the exclusive Qvest Hotel, within sight of the Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine. The participants included representatives of Deutsche...

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Telco Summit 2018 - Will robots soon dominate customer communication?

Top-class panel of experts discusses AI and the future of telecommunications

For two days in October, Cologne will be the focus of the two-day discussion on the extent to which artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of robots will determine the customer service of the future and how the new technical possibilities can...

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25 Years of CreaLog - Part 3

This year, CreaLog celebrates it's 25th anniversary. Time to have a look at milestones in the company's history.

From 2013 to today:

CreaLog implements the largest Swiss speech recognition platform for multi-channel voting (Televote 2.0) for Swisscom.

Ground-breaking Voice Portal for Germany's leading cable network operator UNITYMEDIA member of...

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3 questions to…

In our new interview series "3 questions to..." our CreaLog talents step out of the office and into the spotlight. Here we feature their specialties,...

As a teaser, let’s start with Rezan, one of our Speech Analytics experts.

Rezan has been working as Project Manager for Telecommunication Solutions at CreaLog for 8 years. He studied Computer Science at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in...

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Angola discovers it's next superstar with CreaLog

CreaLog Televote celebrates huge success with the casting show "Unitel Estrelas ao Palco 2018": Television viewers select Angola’s new superstar by...

It was truly a grand finale: The ecstatic audience in the Centro de Conferências de Belas in the capital of Luanda and millions of TV viewers celebrated Angola’s new superstar. Anderson Mário is the winner of the casting show “Unitel Estrelas ao...

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SDP7 with state-of-the-art technology

Latest speech recognition technology takes customer service to the next level

State-of-the-art transcription involves converting a telephone call into writing "on the fly" and storing it as a text file while providing the corresponding text file in near real time. Customers are thus able to easily detect i key words on...

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RCS a Renaissance?

T-Mobile and Google rallying for universal Messaging, set to become the new standard

After its official launch at Mobile World Congress 2012, RCS (Rich Communication Service) RCS was slow in proving to be a truly global messaging platform. But now, with Google joining the ranks of RCS supporters, it's gaining momentum and poised to...

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IN & IVR - An unbeatable duo

Why the combination of IN and IVR offers real added value

At first glance, it seems IN (Intelligent Network) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ought to be considered separately. However, by combining these two products, you can achieve advantages that translate into real benefits for your customers.


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25 Years of CreaLog - Part 2

This year, CreaLog celebrates it's 25th anniversary. Time to have a look at milestones in the company's history.

Let's go back to the year 2000 and beyond:

The CreaLog Voice Portal enables PAYBACK (today member of the American Express Group), Germany's leading bonus program, to provide 24/7 customer service.

On October 1, the auction TV channel...

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Successful conclusion of CC Excellence 2018 in Munich

The round table tour ended with a resounding recommendation rate of 100%.

3 locations,150 industry insiders and 18 roundtable rounds. In Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich, contact center experts openly discussed new developments, opportunities and possible risks in tomorrow's customer service. Numerous practical examples...

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