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Mobile Call Recording in high demand

Leading telecommunications incumbents rely on Mobile Call Recording from CreaLog

Mobile Call Recording (MCR) from CreaLog is the solution of choice for four of the leading telecommunications provider in the CEE and market leaders in their highly developed information and telecommunications markets. The four incumbents relying on...
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CreaLog shortlisted for „Most innovative LTE Application or Service“ Award

at the LTE & 5GWorld Awards 2016

Informa, organizers of the 5G World exhibition, taking place in London from June 28-30, today announced their Awards Shortlists of the LTE & 5G World Awards 2016. CreaLog was shortlisted in the 

Most innovative LTE Application or Service

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CreaLog SIP Application Server

Unmatched control over your calls

The CreaLog SIP Application Server (SIP AS) is built on the proven CreaLog Platform 6 which has routed billions of calls since its first deployment more than 20 years ago. It gives you unmatched control over your calls using standards like RFC 4240...
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Cloud Contact Center with IVR and Recording

Indispensible offer for your business clients

Cloud based contact center solutions allow companies to put their focus on optimizing size and objectives of their business. With cloud services, they can easily grow or shrink in size and scope of activities. Multi-site activities are easy to come...
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New CreaLog Message Broker Application released

Your Message Broker is EOL but you want to retain existing customers with as little change as possible for them?

You are looking for a fresh approach in a virtualized environment? Then have a closer look at the new CreaLog Message Broker application. Secure your revenues with SMS messages of any type (text, binary, Nokia binary, silent) and MMS and create a...
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New european laws bring business opportunity for Telcos

Swisscom first in Switzerland with CreaLog solution

In January 2015 Swisscom launched their Mobile Voice Recording managed service. This enables banks to record and securely store mobile phone calls, SMS and other call related data, and therefore also comply with the requirements set out by the Swiss...
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Leistungsfähiges Mobile-Call-Recording

Telekommunikation - Sprachaufzeichnung

Bald müssen die Kundentelefonate von Bankmitarbeitern verschlüsselt archiviert werden. Dies gilt neben Telefonaten in Niederlassungen und an Heimarbeitsplätzen künftig auch für Handygespräche mobiler Mitarbeiter. In der Schweiz besteht die...
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Sichere Aufzeichnung

Gesetzeskonformer Recording-Service von Mobilgesprächen

Seit Beginn des Jahres müssen in der Schweiz nicht nur die dienstlichen Festnetztelefonate von Anlageberatern und anderen, insbesondere im Effektenbereich tätigen Bankmitarbeitern zentral aufgezeichnet werden, sondern auch deren ein- und ausgehende...
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Sprachaufzeichnung von Mobilfunkgesprächen

Schweizer Banken erhöhen Verbraucherschutz

In der Schweiz können jetzt nicht nur dienstliche Festnetz-Telefonate von Anlageberatern und anderen Bankmitarbeitern mit deren Kunden zentral aufgezeichnet werden: Eine Lösung für Telefonnetzbetreiber ermöglicht Banken und anderen Branchen ab...
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Swisscom launches CreaLog Mobile Call Recording

Secure recording of mobile phone calls

Berne, 12 January 2015 Swisscom launches its Mobile Voice Recording managed service. This enables financial service providers in particular to record and securely store mobile phone calls, SMS and connection information, and therefore also comply...
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