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Infant mortality in Angola to decline

Due to a new service developed by CreaLog, supported by People in Need (PIN) a Czech nonprofit NGO, and run by the largest Angolan Mobile Service...

Gradually the service, christened Infant Maternal Mortality Prevention Reminder, will be extended to all Angolan regions. The Challenge Worldwide Angola ranks second in infant mortality rate of unter 5 year olds, an holds position 24 in maternal...
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Amazon Alexa - Next Generation IVR?

Crealog helps voice-controlled intelligent devices shape the future of voice control.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitization become part of everyday live and conquering households around the world, the field of voice-controlled intelligent devices is growing at tremendous speed. Products and services like Amazon Alexa,...
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What is the WORM Web Service? A special solution by CreaLog

Highly flexible solutions meet individual needs of customers

Since 1993, CreaLog is creating solutions "Made in Germany", perfectly tailored to fit the specific requirements of Communication Service Providers (CSP). When it comes to call recording, the CreaLog service offers plenty of room to answer...
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Fit for MiFID II compliant call recording?

The CreaLog checklist comes in handy

The European financial market directive MiFID II requires certain telephone calls to be recorded from 3rd January 2018 onwards. To help you meet the requirements of MiFID II when it comes to call recording, here comes our advice: 1. Who and what? ...
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5G World 2017 - CreaLog with a bunch of new services

Strong interest in intelligent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa in London

In June, the 5G World in London was once again the place to be regarding new trends that will shape the future. During the meetings on the expo, our experts explained how innovative new services and products by CreaLog can play a key role for...
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New opportunities with Call Recording by CreaLog

CreaLog and Broadsoft join forces to deliver enhanced services

Nowadays, many Communication Service Providers (CSP) rely on BroadSoft as Cloud PBX for their corporate customers. If these need to record dialogs, CreaLog, a Broadsoft Application Partner, can provide MiFID II compliant call recording by integrating...
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5G World is calling - meet CreaLog in London!

CreaLog will attend the high level conference and expo focused on 5G in London on 13-15 June 2017. Don't miss the chance to meet our experts on site.

This year, the 5G World is covering hot topics like network virtualization, network transformation, 5G core and next-generation services. Discuss with our experts how the world will change in the 5G era and how CreaLog can help your company be part...
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Mobile Call Recording in high demand

Leading telecommunication service providers rely on mobile call recording from CreaLog

Mobile Call Recording (MCR) from CreaLog is the solution of choice for several telecommunications providers in the EU, market leaders in their respective highly developed information and telecommunications markets. The organizations relying on MCR...
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MWC 2017 – a Glimpse of the Mobile Future

The MWC 2017 in Barcelona showcased mobile technology in its role as the force driving many important future innovations.

Earlier this year, mobile technologies once again took center stage in Barcelona. The MWC 2017 war all about the impact of mobile technology in fields such as connected cars, virtual reality, new apps, 3D printing, and data security. This year,...
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Challenges for Communication Service Providers in Digital Era - New Telecom Application Catalog out now

The digital era is with us, reshaping the way people live and communicate. This brings many challenges for telco companies, but great opportunities as...

In the digital world, people expect to have their communication services available to them 24/7, and meet high quality standards at that. To cater for the expectations of these customers, Telco companies need to be flexible to adjust to an ever...
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