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RCS a Renaissance?

T-Mobile and Google rallying for universal Messaging, set to become the new standard

After its official launch at Mobile World Congress 2012, RCS (Rich Communication Service) RCS was slow in proving to be a truly global messaging platform. But now, with Google joining the ranks of RCS supporters, it's gaining momentum and poised to...

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IN & IVR - An unbeatable duo

Why the combination of IN and IVR offers real added value

At first glance, it seems IN (Intelligent Network) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ought to be considered separately. However, by combining these two products, you can achieve advantages that translate into real benefits for your customers.


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25 Years of CreaLog - Part 2

This year, CreaLog celebrates it's 25th anniversary. Time to have a look at milestones in the company's history.

Let's go back to the year 2000 and beyond:

The CreaLog Voice Portal enables PAYBACK (today member of the American Express Group), Germany's leading bonus program, to provide 24/7 customer service.

On October 1, the auction TV channel...

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Successful conclusion of CC Excellence 2018 in Munich

The round table tour ended with a resounding recommendation rate of 100%.

3 locations,150 industry insiders and 18 roundtable rounds. In Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich, contact center experts openly discussed new developments, opportunities and possible risks in tomorrow's customer service. Numerous practical examples...

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German Stevie Awards featured in INTRE 2018-02

More than 200 guests and 50 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the award ceremony in Berlin.

For CreaLog, Managing Director Michael Kloos together with representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, A1 Telekom Austria and PAYBACK received five of the coveted business awards, including two Stevie Awards in gold. This makes CreaLog one of the...

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5 Stevies for CreaLog - Glamorous gala in Berlin

A1 Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, PAYBACK and Swisscom celebrate with CreaLog

More than 200 guests celebrated the German Stevie Awards 2018 in a festive setting on May 27 at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. CreaLog has been awarded the business prize five times.

Gold in the "Company of the Year - Telecommunications"...

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State-of-the-art transcription

New CreaLog Platform 7 takes transcription to the next level

State-of-the-art transcription involves converting a telephone call into writing "on the flight" and storing it as a text file while providing the corresponding text file in near real time. Customers are thus able to detect important findings on...

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Televote now with App-support

CreaLog supports highly popular TV Show in cooperation with Unitel

The TV show "Estrelas ao Palco" is a highly popular TV format in Angola. The principle of the talent competition is similar to that of TV shows such as "American Idol": individual performers or music groups must prove their talent live to a jury of...

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Cooperation with Broadsoft in full swing

Call Recording interoperable with BroadWorks SIPREC Interface

After being succesfully validated by Broadsoft beginning of the year, CreaLog Call Recording is now working in full swing with the BroadWorks SIPREC interface. Thanks to that cooperation, the Broadsoft PBX cloud enables storing and accessing of data...

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Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) for everyone

Great benefits for Telcos and its corporate customers

After having successfully established Mobile Call Recording on the market, CreaLog is entering a new stage in network-based recording with the Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) service.

ECR records calls that an employee makes on a business...

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