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Individual solution for Sparda-Bank

Expansion of the MiFID II spectrum


For Sparda-Bank Hannover eG, CreaLog has developed an individual extension tailored to the specific needs, which adds MiFID II recording capacity to the already implemented CreaLog Contact Center. The challenge: A solution for recording MiFID II-relevant conversations of 200 employees from various branch offices while maintaining the level of comfort for customers and employees. After implementation, all branch employees can be reached directly via new dial-in numbers communicated to the customers. Internally, the calls are forwarded to the branch employees by means of secret extension numbers. In addition to the pure recording, all calls must be encrypted exactly as with traditional MCR solutions.Automatic deletion of all calls was also integrated, in line with legal requirements. In addition, a forwarding matrix was implemented in the recording dialog which can be configured personally by each agent or centrally by certain employees (e.g. in the event of illness).

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