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Telco Summit 2018 - Will robots soon dominate customer communication?

Top-class panel of experts discusses AI and the future of telecommunications


For two days in October, Cologne will be the focus of the two-day discussion on the extent to which artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of robots will determine the customer service of the future and how the new technical possibilities can contribute to increasing sales and profits.

Representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Post Luxembourg, Swisscom and UnityMedia will discuss with host CreaLog how AI, chatbots and automation will define tomorrow's customer service in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine and Cathedral regions. From the presentations and discussions among the experts, many important insights can be gained for the participants and their daily challenges in the company. 

CreaLog presents this year among other things its Call Recording extended by numerous features. Beside the already successfully realized Mobile Call Recording the new product Enterprise Call Recording will be presented. Another presentation will show the possibilities offered by the integration of Service Delivery Platform 7 (SDP7) into existing infrastructures. Reinhard Karger will kick off the event with his keynote address and related question: "Will robots take over telecommunications? The company spokesman of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) will present opportunities, risks, expectations and fears regarding AI. The participants will conclude the Telco Summit 2018 with a city tour through Cologne and a joint cooking event. 

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