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CreaLog Telecom Platform

The CreaLog Telecom Platform is a comprehensive platform for all signaling and media applications in the communication service provider market. It has a layered architecture and is tailored to the operational needs of network operators. The access layer fits into every signaling network as well as terminating all communication channels including voice and video telephony, SMS, MMS, USSD, and interactive web sessions. It smoothly integrates with your IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS

Application platform for all networks

The CreaLog Telecom Platform leverages applications for traditional TDM networks as well as for the emerging NGN and IMS infrastructures. Existing applications can easily be migrated from one architecture to another. Using the CreaLog IMS-SSF Service Broker, CSPs can share a single application server among different underlying networks. This ensures that a CreaLog Application Server is a future proof investment, working for many years with minimal operating costs and effortless migration between architectures.

Cloud applications as a real differentiator for communication service providers

Cloud applications are an effective differentiator for CSPsin their struggle to win profitable customers. The CreaLog Telecom Platform supports full multi-tenancy and is proven to work with all the major communication service provider cloud applications including contact centers with 20,000+ agents, IVRs with NLU speech recognition, conferencing, and unified messaging. Integrating these applications into CSP networks with IN/IMS signaling services enables great new features for unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Complete consumer application portfolio for highest ARPU

Today’s customers expect excellent applications from their network operator. Missed call notification and R-call services help avoid both lost calls and lost revenues. High-quality voice, USSD, and SMS self service applications know what the customer wants and reduce costs for the operator. Televote and mass calling enable millions of viewers to participate in popular TV shows in real time. Highest reliability and long-term stability are needed to let 100,000 callers call in per minute and charge them in real time for calls and text messages.

Open platform with open interfaces

The platform’s access layer supports interoperability with all TDM, NGN, and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) networks (INAP/CAP/MAP, ISUP, MTP/M3UA, SIP/RTP). Charging interfaces offer reliable connectivity to Diameter or proprietary solutions. The Service Creation Environment (SCE) enables fast integration of any database or web service. The administration of the CreaLog Platform is Web based, supports SSO and the integration of iOS and Android smartphones. It is available as a standalone HTML user interface or as a XML Web service for integration into any standard management framework.

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