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Platform Architecture

The CreaLog Telecom Platform is a real-time telecom application platform for signaling, media, and messaging applications in any telecom TDM, NGN, or IMS network. It offers a rich choice of off-the-shelf applications plus a powerful Service Creation Environment meeting the demand for new and enhanced applications in the market. Fully graphical, it allows for easy integration of databases and web services.

Leading mobile and fixed net operators including Vodafone, Swisscom, or Unitel lay their trust in the flexibility and reliability of this platform. It fully supports (geo-)redundancy and its cluster capabilities guarantee a CSP-grade availability of 99.999%. Centralized configurations as well as distributed deployments with a centralized, but geo-redundant management backend are supported.

The platform supports TDM protocols with INAP, CAP, and MAP as well as SIP and RTP standards. With the application server layer independent from the access layer, migration from traditional TDM networks to IMS and LTE is easy. Applications can be used in both worlds at the same time. The optional CreaLog Service Broker and matching Gateways setup and manage the coexistent connectivity to multiple communication service providers networks.

CreaLog Servers

Signaling Servers provide connectivity to all traditional Telecom protocols including INAP, CAP, and MAP and also IMS SIP. The servers can be integrated into any BSS and OSS infrastructure using the diameter protocol. The signaling servers constitute the core platform for IN and SIP based applications such as number translation, charging, and routing.

Media Servers manage voice and video based resources. They allow for simple input by keypad and announcements as well as for complex user interactions using sophisticated technologies including speech recognition, voice biometrics, and text-to-speech. Media mixing for voice and video conferencing, and broadcasting applications is also supported. Media servers constitute the core platform for announcement services, ringback tone, and IVR applications.

Messaging Servers handle all SMS, MMS, and USSD traffic when deployed as SMSC, MMSC, or USSDC network elements, but also connect to any existing messaging center in the CSP network. All standard protocols including MAP, UCP, SMPP, and HTTP are supported. Their open interface architecture allows them to support integration of alternative messaging formats like web-interactions or social media communication.

Service Brokers and Gateways are used in large deployments. The service broker manages multiple application servers and controls the sequence of cascaded applications. It also consolidates the connectivity to multiple network infrastructures (PSTN/PLMN, NGN, IMS), forming a unified application server framework (typically integrated with SIP). With its open architecture, the CreaLog Service Broker supports the re-use and orchestration of existing and new telecommunication applications on the way to IMS networks. The Service Broker also allows centralized real-time charging and monitoring. It features an open SIP interface for CreaLog or 3rd party application servers and reduces the costs and time-to-market of new applications. The CreaLog Gateway enables media conversion between TDM networks and SIP/RTP networks with a broad range of connectors including E1/T1, STM-1, and IP interfaces.

CreaLog Application Servers

Application Servers offer a flexible platform for all applications. This includes off-the-shelf applications and new applications that can be created rapidly and reliably using the powerful CreaLog Service Creation Environment (SCE). The SCE’s graphical user interface is easy to learn and features a powerful scripting engine. With its modularity and object orientation, it meets the re-usability and teamwork requirements of large projects and teams.

The application server framework also incorporates services for databases, redundant data transmission (e.g., for call detail records), real-time synchronization (e.g., for televote counters) and software distribution (e.g., for distributing new workflows or announcements in real-time). 

The management suite allows for easy administration and configuration of custom workflows. It features an integrated report manager supporting complex time and event based reporting. Standard connectors for flexible back-end integration (databases, web-services, messaging, charging, operations) allow fast and reliable service creation.

The management is fully multi-tenant and offers powerful rights management features enabling complex user hierarchies with users, groups, rights, and profiles. Tenants can create their own organizational structures within the rights management and use the platform as their own. This enables Telecoms to offer the platform as a true, full-featured cloud service. Additional processes for data cleanup, alarm management, and monitoring enable Telco-grade operation of this platform.

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