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Better customer dialogs with CreaLog technology

Companies must focus on responding to their customers in order not to lose them. The telephone service is the primary point of contact, which the customer accepts more and more, the faster he is connected with the person he wants to talk to.

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NLU Speech Recognition

CreaLog Portals achieve consistently high recognition performance

The latest recognition software and the syntax developed by CreaLog facilitate not only the recognition of individual words but also the description of entire sentence contexts. This makes it quick and clear to describe complex input options so that effective dialogs in natural language can be implemented.

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Speech Synthesis Text-to-Speech

Read out text and database content with CreaLog Speech Synthesis

Provision of voice portals, reading out e-mails, web sites, news, traffic reports or other regularly updated information, implementing intelligent personal assistants, facilitating voice output of UMS (unified messaging) – all this is possible with speech synthesis.

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Speech Analytics

CreaLog Speech Analytics automatically ascertains information about the structure, content and characteristics of conversations as well as characteristics of the speaker.

This information is predominantly used for quality assurance, process optimization and in business intelligence.

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Voice Biometrics

The human voice is unique. No two voices in the world are hundred percent alike.

They vary according to physical features like size and form of the larynx and the length and frequency of the vocal chord.

Apart from that, acquired features like dialect, accent, speech disorders or language habits play an important role. This uniqueness is used by SpeakerVerification to carry out a secure and comfortable verification, be it alone or in combination with passwords, passphrases or a PIN.

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