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Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center

“Software as a Service” helps companies get rid of their costly proprietary contact center technology. Today’s companies feel the need for virtual contact centers that distribute customer relationship management activities across multiple locations. This enables flexible working models for employees and accommodates telecommuting.

A network based contact center can act as the central front door for any internal or external contact center agent, enabling centralized monitoring, reporting, and billing. External, outsourced call centers can be added flexibly to boost performance or for peak times. Web based interfaces are needed to integrate the agents’ desktops into the company’s backend and its business processes. The centralized approach facilitates continuous quality improvements.

Cloud Services

CreaLog Contact Center


  • Enrich your enterprise portfolio
  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Integrate large organizations into your network


  • A comprehensive solution for multichannel contact centers
  • A universal workflow engine to map the communication processes
  • Professional services for all project stages


  • Proven solution for mid-sized and large companies
  • Integrated platform for signaling, media servers, and applications
  • Universal cross-media Workflow Engine optimizes operational costs
  • Multi-channel capabilities and numerous proven ICT connectors
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