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Emergency Call

Emergency Service Control Point

To accomplish their mission of saving lives and helping people in distress, emergency services rely on a range of different network applications. CreaLog has bundled these applications in its CreaLog Emergency Service Control Point (ESCP). To begin with, the network has to determine which Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), in many cases an emergency call center, will best fit the needs of an emergency caller. This depends on their current location and the availability of emergency resources in their area. It is also very important for the emergency caller that the telecommunications company is able to locate his or her current position in its mobile or landline network. The company then has to ensure that this location information is reliably forwarded to the PSAP and to connected networks.

CreaLog Emergency Call Services

Location based routing

In the course of their transition to NGN and IMS networks, telecommunications companies are faced with the challenge of implementing all the requirements specified by ETSI and ITU according to regulatory requirements for emergency calls. The CreaLog Emergency Service Control Point is a proven application framework that supports communication service providers in meeting these requirements. The ESCP can be connected to both worlds. It links to any customer database and will interact with location based server platforms (LBS) of any kind. This functional entity handles the retrieval of location information from the location server or database. This includes, where required, interim location information, initial location information, and updated location information. The ESCP interacts with the integrated location based routing entity to determine which emergency call center to forward the call to. Forwarding location position information

A main purpose of the PSAP is to obtain more accurate or updated location position information of the emergency case during or after the emergency call where required by local regulations. The location information forwarding system can provide this functionality for both worlds, PSTN and NGN/IMS networks. So in both cases, this information can be passed on to the emergency call center. If calls are forwarded from the emergency call center to medical or fire call centers, the location information for this emergency case can be forwarded to the final call center as well.

In future, all communication (voice, video, and text) will be based on SIP. So to simplify the task of other emergency organizations involved in handling emergency calls, CreaLog recommends to all organizations taking part in the emergency case process to switch over to SIP based communications for all media.


  • Location information in real time
  • Dynamic call routing for
  • Emergency Call Centers
  • Service recovery after disruption of emergency calls
  • Management of announcements for major incidents
  • Integration of calls and media from all networks


  • Emergency Service Control Point
  • Location Information, Forwarding System
  • Emergency call management and dispatching
  • APIs for integration into emergency control IT systems


  • Dispatching resource optimization
  • Call routing for overflows and busy hours
  • Location information forwarding to minimize case opening times
  • Emergency call routing across all TDM and NGN/IMS networks
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