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Customer Self Service

Customer Self Service

Self service minimizes operating costs of 24/7 customer service

CreaLog Customer Self Services for various customers touch points including voice, SMS, USSD, smartphone apps and the Web help operators minimize OPEX for providing the entire range of customer services needed in a prepaid or postpaid environment. For subscribers, the system is accessible anywhere at any time. This solution provides secure customer authentication and supports balance information, prepaid top-up, voucher insertion, service activation, SIM card lock/unlock, and handset configuration.

The self service platform delivers services on the IVR channel via SMS or USSD. It uses sophisticated natural language understanding (NLU) speech recognition to deliver convenient voice based services with full automation. The voice user interface (VUI) is available in more than 50 different languages for speech recognition and text-to-speech, offering unsurpassed flexibility and a superior customer experience. Open interfaces to CRM, CTI, and BSS & OSS help enable real time services with high self service ratios.

Pre Qualification

Prepaid and Postpaid Self Service


  • Reduce customer care costs while offering advanced 24/7 services
  • Efficiently integrated solution for all channels: voice, SMS, USSD, smartphone, Web
  • Unified face to the customer
  • Integrated system for charging, BSS & OSS, CTI, and CRM


  • CreaLog Self Service with sophisticated ASR und TTS
  • Flexible workflow creation with graphical Service Creation Environment
  • Interfaces to all backend and contact center/PBX systems
  • Integration with CreaLog Charging and CreaLog Contact Center


  • 24/7 self service for a new customer experience
  • Multi-lingual, multi-channel platform
  • Comprehensive service portfolio including reliable authentication and all prepaid/postpaid services
  • Innovative services such as smartphone apps with ASR
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