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Swisscom — Seven Applications — One Strong Telco Platform

The CreaLog solution portfolio at Swisscom

  • Mass Voting: 5,000 lines for televoting and call-in promotions by Swiss TV and radio stations
  • Emergency Call Routing: Intelligent emergency call routing system in German, Italian and French.
  • Enterprise IVR: Cutting edge voice portal technology for alert systems, network-based on-hold queues and additional voice services.
  • Cloud Contact Center: Easy-to-configure contact center from the Swisscom cloud with flexible use and billing models.
  • Mobile Call Recording: MiFID II-compliant recording of calls between banks and their customers in both fixed line and mobile networks.
  • Messaging Gateway: Protected gateway for third party bulk SMS/MMS campaigns
  • Media Resource Function (MRF): Audio for premium rate numbers, rate announcements or jingles is provided directly to the Swisscom NG-IN through a Content Management System (CMS)

More details are available in our case study: Seven Applications — One Strong Telco Platform at Swisscom

Swisscom - Testimonials

Daniel Isenschmid and Werner Dreier, 
the managers of the 70-strong project team:

“In just seven months, the CreaLog team succeeded in doing everything required to ensure that votes could be cast and processed on the new platform without a hitch”.

“What’s new is the convergence factor enabling the TV viewers to interact on a parallel and simultaneously basis using standard communication channels such as the telephone, SMS & MMS and the internet. 
We also reduced the technological complexity of the way this solution operates – we can even blend in the various individual statements that the candidates deliver to their fans.”

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