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Mass Calling / Business Apps

Real-time and top load-bearing voice portal platform for voting and interactive Call-In formats. 
Multi-tenant-capable web administration for:

  • Upload and download of services, announcements and files
  • Voice messages, reports, call detail records and system statistics 
  • Administration of black lists and white lists for junk call protection 
  • Direct provisioning of simple services via web front end
  • Announcements and skills-based routing (touch tone dialing or speech recognition)
  • Conferencing

Vodafone - Televote and VAS platform

Walter Vorderhuber, product development manager for voice-activated value-added services

„Right from the start, the high performance and flexibility of the CreaLog platform impressed us highly, as did the possibilities of administration and reporting in real time. The platform‘s natural language speech recognition and speech synthesis features are crucial when it comes to effective CRM solutions and value-added services.“

Technology at a glance

  • Live televoting on 16,000 lines
  • TÜV certification for 1,680 CAPS
  • Speech recognition and Text-to-speech on all lines 
  • Platform for ISDN, VoIP, SS7, 3G Video Operation
  • Full integration into the operation, monitoring and billing systems
  • Inbound services with caller identification
  • Outbound campaigns with tens of millions of phone numbers
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