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Energy, gas and water suppliers

Customers' expectations of suppliers as regards contactability and the scope and quality of services are already high. However, they are increasing all the time given the ever greater competition between suppliers.

Successful customer service solutions

A wide range of solutions for improving customer contact with suppliers are available. These include automatic call routing, the taking of meter readings via telephone, the topping up of prepaid electricity meters, complex fault management in the event of major disruptions and contact center solutions for all channels of communication.

CreaLog is the market leader within this sector, with a wide range of customer service solutions.

Numerous references already use its modern contact centers and voice portal solutions for particularly effective, customer-friendly service.

Customer service means high-quality customer contact

One thing that customers appreciate: 

a convenient way of contacting their energy supplier, with short waiting times on the telephone and a high level of availability, ideally 24 hours a day seven days a week!

A CreaLog solution provides exactly that and reduces the number of monotonous standard procedures staff at the energy supplier have to go through. As a result, members of staff who have contact with customers perceive a noticeable increase in the value of their work and have more time to deal with individual customer enquiries. This is why more and more network operators, national suppliers and municipal utility companies are opting to use a CreaLog solution.

However, voice portals and next-generation contact centers are also used by energy brokers and meter reading, billing and customer service providers.

One of CreaLog's particular strengths is the careful integration of its solutions into the supplier's company processes and infrastructure, taking into account the individual circumstances in each case.

Callback management

Callback management enables customers not only to request a callback by leaving an answerphone message but also to specify a preferred callback time and date. A database and CTI-controlled system then signals customers' callback requests to staff.

As a result, each customer is called back at the time which suits them best.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

CreaLog FAQ allows you to answer even freely or imprecisely formulated questions from a caller in an automated manner. This benefits mobile users in particular, as they often expect a quick answer and can thus save time. Ideally, CreaLog FAQ uses the same database as the providers' Internet FAQ.

CreaLog Auto Attendant

CreaLog AutoAttendant allows the user to be connected to employees, agencies or departments.

Input is in colloquial sentences such as: "I'd like to speak to Ms Schneider in Marketing" or "I need to talk to someone in Sales".

The caller can also be given information on direct dial, cell and fax numbers as well as the e-mail address of the person they are trying to reach. The postal address and office address can also be stated.

CreaLog Conferencing

CreaLog Conferencing optimizes communications processes across the entire company, thereby delivering excellent service to employees, customers, partners and investors.

Irrespective of the size, location and time of the meeting.

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