Service Creation Environment

A Powerful SCE

The CreaLog Telecom Platform comes with a powerful Low-Code Service Creation Environment (SCE), named CreaLog CDG, that allows users to change existing workflows and create new ones. Workflows form the intelligence of every signaling or media server when controlling inbound and outbound traffic: The CreaLog SCE supports workflow creation for call handling, texting (SMS) and messaging, web/chat interaction, and message delivery. It is well-proven as the source of thousands of applications and easy-to-learn.

Fully graphical user interface

The SCE has a fully graphical user interface for Low-Code Application Design and offers more than 120 icons for all kinds of applications. An integrated scripting engine allows developing complex calculations and procedures. Feature-rich interfaces enable seamless external connectivity. A set of ODBC functions is included for SQL database access. The integrated web services support all relevant protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, XML/SOAP, RESTful and include a powerful XML parser.

Additional icon libraries cater for Diameter, LDAP, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, and FTP/sFTP. For operational purposes, a useful set of universal functions for logging, reporting, tracing, and monitoring is part of the standard icon set.

Comprehensive set of icons for enhanced IN and SIP applications

For signaling servers supporting INAP/CAP/MAP or SIP, the SCE offers a comprehensive set of icons for enhanced IN and SIP applications. Media resource functions (MRF) are covered by a huge set of icons for call control as well as for audio/video streaming and fax. Sophisticated IVR dialogs can be created using icons for speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics. For use in VXML application servers, the SCE fully supports the VXML programming paradigm. SMS, USSD, and web/chat dialogs can be created.

Open Interface

An open interface for proprietary extensions in C/C++ and others, supports integrating additional icons with new functionalities. And finally, the Low-Code CDG SCE supports modularization, code re-usability, versioning and team collaboration for large projects.

For more information download the Service Creation Environment Data Sheet or our Voice User Interface Design Data Sheet.


Feature-rich and powerful Service Creation Environment

Ease of use for engineers and technicians

Unified service creation for signalling, media, Web, and messaging

Rapid prototyping

Fast and reliable code


Large icon set for signalling and media workflows

Huge icon library for back-end integration and Telecom protocols

Modularization, versioning, and team support

Consistency check and context sensitive online help

Integrated scripting language with 300+ commands

Open interfaces for C/C++, Java, and Delphi

Integrated resource management including audio studio

Instant documentation creation

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