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We provide enhancements to telco networks that make people more comfortable on the phone. We revolutionize your customers' call quality through general and personalized audio technologies on the network. This promotes subscriber acquisition and customer loyalty.

Hearing support
Easing hearing challenges

With individualized settings for every client

Noise Cancellation
Noise Cancellation

Hassle-free communication at any location

Different hearing abilities can create barriers in various social settings, such as participating in group discussions or engaging in phone conversations. These situations may unintentionally make individuals with hearing impairments feel excluded.

Hearing loss excludes many people

Sitting in larger groups, talking on the phone - a lot of situations can show a person with hearing impairment: you do not belong here.

According to studies, approximately 19% of people in Germany aged 14 and older experience hearing challenges. Worldwide estimates from the World Health Organization also indicate a similar situation. However, when focusing on individuals aged 85 and above, the percentage increases to 50%. Not only do they face difficulties with their hearing, but their ability to maintain relationships is also affected. Regrettably, one of the main consequences of hearing loss is loneliness.

As part of our Enhanced Audio Processing offering, CreaLog and its partners developed a solution that enhances speech intelligibility and voice quality during telephone conversations.

This solution caters to both mobile and landline telephone users who experience hearing challenges. Without the need for any software installation, a personalized and optimized hearing profile is created, similar to what one would receive at a doctor's or hearing aid acoustician's office. This profile is then securely stored with the telephone service provider.

Once the profile is installed, it automatically activates for all incoming and outgoing calls. The acoustic signal is adjusted individually to accommodate the voice of the other person while minimizing background noise. This leads to a substantial improvement in speech intelligibility, making communication with friends, family, and colleagues much easier. By "telephoning," individuals with hearing challenges can truly reconnect.

Given the benefits of this service and the joy it brings to reconnecting with loved ones over the phone, there is undoubtedly a high willingness among the significant number of individuals with hearing challenges to contribute a small additional amount to their telephone bill. After all, once someone has experienced the positive effects, they wouldn't want to go without it again.

Classic office noises, noise from outside, voices of colleagues, machines or local and long-distance traffic are typical noises that make work more difficult. And not only for the people at whose workplace they occur, but especially for the telephone conversation partners "on the other end". They suffer especially from the poor acoustic quality, which they themselves cannot even influence.

Many common solutions are based on noise attenuation in the working environment or noise cancellation directly in the end device used, e.g. cell phone or headset. 

But what if options like noise cancellation in the end device do not exist, are too inconvenient or costly?

CreaLog and its partners have developed a solution that solves the problem directly in the telecommunications provider's network.

The advantages of this solution for noise suppression and improvement of intelligibility for users are obvious. 

  • can be implemented at short notice
  • does not require any on-site investment
  • is independent of the terminal device used, as it is carried out in the telephone network at the network operator's premises

Dear telcos and network operators:
Contact us to learn more about the details of this amazingly simple solution.

Contact us to learn more about the details of these amazingly simple solutions.

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