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CreaLog already developed Telco APIs for various Telcos enabling them to offer added value to their customers.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and refers to an interface that enables the exchange of data and functions by linking different software applications. APIs play an important role in the integration of software applications and ensure that they can communicate and work together. Even applications installed as client and server on physically separate computers can benefit from secure data exchange over the IP network or even the Internet using an https-based REST (Representational State Transfer) protocol.

For telecommunications providers, APIs hold great potential benefits. Standardized and integrated into existing environmental systems, they can be used to make various services and functions of their networks and systems accessible to developers and third-party companies. By providing APIs, telcos can, for example, enable developers to access certain functions of their network and integrate them into their own applications and services. At the same time, there is the possibility of individual APIs for telephony and SMS functionality by a Telco: developers can use these to provide functions for sending SMS, establishing telephone connections or charging services in their applications.

In this way, telcos could make their services available to other companies and applications, opening up new business opportunities. APIs can also be used to provide access to customer data, network information or location services. Access to specific services and functions can be controlled and managed, for example by assigning access rights or defining terms of use.

Mobile Messaging Platform for SMS, MMS and RCS

With the Messaging Server, VAS providers and aggregators can access and utilize telecom network resources via standard APIs, which brings significant benefits to mobile network operators.
To ensure revenues with SMS, MMS or RCS messages of any type, powerful ecosystems for all media are needed. In this ecosystem third-party partners and developers create their services and the telco supports them by offering value-adding features. It enables the service providers to charge their services per incident or by subscription.

The SMS/MMS/RCS Messaging Server (SMRMS) is the centralized source for offering telecom services to third-party developers across various sectors. Beyond access to SMSC, MMSC, and RCS-AS the SMRMS allows access to the Telco’s subscriber database and guarantees reliable online and offline charging. Real-time statistics and revenue charts support flexible campaign adjustments.
Third-party interfaces are used for provisioning, execution, orchestration, management and charging of services.

Freely defined message validation rules with the CreaLog API

The CreaLog Messaging API offers the Telco a concise set of rules for protecting his network and for validating each SMS/MMS/RCS transaction. It is fully customizable according to the Telco's demands. These rules even allow database queries to back-end systems. A validation check can be submitted on data for each subscriber for typical parameters like account credit, age, cellphone type, subscription type or customer segmentation.

More information is available in the CreaLog Message Broker White Paper and the CreaLog Campaign Manager Data Sheet.

Service Broker Integration


Increase revenue with chargeable premium services

Attract service providers

Flexible and easy to manage platform for SMS/MMS/RCS management, delivery, and reporting

Offer access to resources for third party developers

Validate rules for content before sending

Connectivity with many back-ends

Support of various protocol dialects

Multiple standards for third party developers


Easy provisioning, administration, monitoring, and reporting

Third parties provide applications and services using network assets

Service and application are encapsulated and don’t affect other services 

Freely definable message validation rules

Multi-channel support for Voice and Video, SMS, MMS, USSD, RCS, Web

Open interfaces for charging, monitoring and reporting

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