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Solutions for directory assistance services

Modular design - Adaptable to your needs

CreaLog offers a directory service solution for telephone numbers and other information that consists of the search engine (search algorithms) and graphical interface modules for the service agents. 
Our Professional Services team plans, designs, integrates and installs the directory assistance application as a turn-key solution together with the customer's IT specialists.


The fast and user-friendly search offers alias, demerit, phonetic or geographic search and multiple filter options to narrow down the results.
Keyboard "Hotkeys" speed up filtering and the navigation within the interface.

The powerful and flexible platform collects and cleanses data from a single or multiple sources and generates and regularly updates a complete, up-to-date database.


The information requested by callers is researched by staff using the graphical interface and then output in one of the following ways:

  • Announcement of the searched information
  • Sending the requested information as text message
  • Announcement of the requested information and forwarding to the target number
  • Announcement of the searched information and sending as text message

Directory Assistance ACD (Automated Call Distribution) for call routing

The CreaLog Directory Assistance Contact Center (DACC) is optimized for directory assistance applications and offers an agent menu for logging in and out, status selection ready/pause and selection options for outputting the found information and forwarding of the call.

The DACC administration interface is used to manage agents and their skills, configure individual greetings and set up call queues. The multi-level rights and role concept facilitates assignment within your own organization and collaboration with external service providers.

"Our main project success factors were:
Building on a modular platform enabled us to quickly introduce additional features while the seamless migration to the new platform avoided any service disruption. The switch from on-premises to
CreaLog’s hosted solution enhanced our operational flexibility particularly in case of “emergency“ situations. But most importantly, the reduction of operating costs of the Directory Assistance Service increased our bottom line and secured a long-term revenue contribution for Deutsche Telekom."

Thomas Zähringer
Telekom Deutschland GmbH | Center of Experience | Product Management Directory Assistance

Basic Feature Scope

Search in the consolidated database with mature, fast and proven search algorithms

Easy and comfortable handling of the interfaces for the contact center employees

Individual integration with your IT architecture and the information databases you use

Contact Center ACD solution with CTI for wait queues and call routing

Optional Features and Modules

IVR/MRF server for greeting and information announcements

SMS gateway for sending information

In addition to the basic functionalities, you can choose from the following additional modules:

Directory Assistance IVR/MRF Server for greeting and information announcements

With this module, information and phone numbers are read out to callers via text-to-speech (speech synthesis). In addition, individual greeting announcements can be set up for service center employees to further reduce the average handling time (AHT).

Directory Assistance SMS gateway for sending information

The SMS gateway is used to send the found subscriber information as a text message.

Whether operated by you in your own data centers, as a managed service, or SaaS from the cloud: CreaLog directory assistance solutions should always be your first choice.

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