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Your customers cherish fast, personal, and easy service. Supported by Conversational AI we take your customer service to new levels with voicebots and virtual assistants that understand context and reply like a human.

Automate phone or smart speaker conversations with state-of-the-art Conversational AI

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People love texting and using Messenger Apps. That is why Chatbots and Messengerbots are great tools for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) of customer communication if they understand context correctly and reply like a human using Conversational AI.

Automate your chats with state-of-the-art Conversational AI


Fundamental Technologies

Speech recognition
Speech Technologies

We offer the broadest range of speech technologies - with 30+ years of experience.
From natural language speech recognition (NLU) and text-to-speech (TTS), through Voice Biometrics up to Call Transcription (Speech-to-Text) and Speech Analytics (Voice Analytics).


Dialog Design
Dialog Design

Our dialog design experts' experience covers a very broad range of automation solutions - no matter how big or small - in all industries. Check our testimonials section for some case studies.

IT Database Integration
IT & Database Integration

Database, CRM, IT, and contact center integration are crucial for any servicebot project. We offer a very wide range of standard APIs and are ready develop specific APIs for your demand.

All in one place

AI-supported dialogs on all channels - without information silos

It no longer matters to customers whether they start the dialog by phone with a VoiceBot, continue it via the website using a ChatBot, communicate via a smart speaker using voice input, or use messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber: All of these contact channels provide the same information because they refer to identical databases.

Best of all, by avoiding information silos, these communication channels can be quickly and easily integrated into the customer service experience.

Conversational Design

When developing ServiceBots, CreaLog benefits from over 25 years of experience and expertise with intelligent, interactive voice response (IVR) systems for a wide range of industries. The planning and development of each ServiceBot strictly focuses on this question: 
What is the customer's intent and how can they get to their goal quickly?

Adaptation to Specific Tasks

If it is a matter of standard inquiries such as opening hours or pricing, predefined menu items can be a suitable solution. If complex and diverse topics are involved, free text or voice input will lead the customer most swiftly to the goal.


Mixed Initiative Dialog Guidance

Mixed forms in the question/answer structure of the ServiceBot are particularly convenient for customers:
freely formulated inquiries in the first step, then targeted follow-up questions from the ServiceBot. This turns automated customer service into an enjoyable experience.

Flexible, global, cost-effective

CreaLog offers ServiceBots that can be deployed on-premise or from the cloud and require little or no investment in the company's own infrastructure.
Our different billing models are also very flexible, ranging from tiered pricing based on time of use, processed service cases or number of customer requests, to contemporary managed services.

Service Creation Environment

CreaLog CDG - Multi-channel low-code Service Creation Environment

CreaLog CDG fully integrates your voice or text based servicebots with your customer care organization and agents. It offers APIs for almost any IT, database or CRM infrastructure - be it on-premises or cloud-based.

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