CreaLog Media Ressource Function

Added Value through Professional Services for MSML and other Interfaces

The CreaLog MRF is a powerful media server in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. It enables communication service providers to quickly deploy multimedia services across fixed and mobile networks. CreaLog Media Servers support all relevant standards including SIP, MSML, VoiceXML, NetAnn and HD-Voice for fixed and mobile networks.

Beeing a commodity no telco can do without today, the CreaLog MRF stands out with two important benefits:

  • The speech input option for callers in addition to the standard keypad input and
  • Our comprehensive Professional Services that support you in integrating the MRF and the fine tuning of the interfaces like MSML for interworking with your other IMS network elements.

In the IMS architecture the CreaLog IMS MRF is used to play:

  • Record and collect input from the caller
  • Tones to alert users e.g. when their mobile plan allowance is exceeded during a call
  • Ring back tones
  • Complex value added services

The prompts and announcements on the MRF are either uploaded as sound files, or generated through Text-to-Speech (TTS), that generate speech output from text files. 

The CreaLog IMS MRF can be seamlessly used with third-party application servers, but leverages it's full potential when used in conjunction with the CreaLog IMS SIP Applications Server.

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Business needs

Enable efficient expansions and the delivery of multiple services

Platform must interact with several services simultaneously

Deliver high-availability, carrier-grade services

Support for NETANN, MSCML, MSML, AMSML, VxML and other major interfaces


Comes with comprehensive Professional Services for network integration

Supports speech and keypad input plus Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Easily integrates with the CreaLog SIP AS or any third-party SIP AS

Combination with a SIP AS enables simple and complex Value Added Services (VAS)

Deployment of multimedia services across fixed and mobile networks

Leverages IMS infrastructure with interfaces for IMS and fixed NGN

Available access: 5G, 4G LTE, NG-IN and fixed network IMS

Support for a large variety of audio and video CODECs

Supports network virtualisation, cloud, NFV


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