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We are Telecommunications experts

With our many years of expertise and our deep telco know-how,
we enable your network for the requirements of tomorrow.

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We are International

Our standardised solutions are used by Telcos large and small throughout Europe and Africa.
For us there are no language and cultural barriers or borders.

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We are privately owned and owner-operated

For more than 30 years we have been committed and focused
solely on our long-standing customers, employees and partners.

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We are independent

Our solutions are 'Made in Europe'.
We chose and provide components according to the 'Best-of-Breed'-principle for optimal results.

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Personal contact is core - on all levels

Whether it's management, sales, development or project management:
with us you will always meet friendly people who feel personally responsible for your success.

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You will encounter highest flexibility and individual solutions

You are always at the centre of our attention. No matter how small or large your project is.
Our innovative technology platform is the solid basis for your needs-based
and flexible solution that will help your business move forward and grow.

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Promised, you can count on our support any time

Not only our solutions but also our services are tailored to your needs.
We guarantee consistent service quality from installation to ongoing support.
If needed, 24/7.

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Honest, fair and reliable

We don't promise anything that we cannot keep and appreciate a frank word before misunderstandings arise.
That's our Bavarian way ;-)

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We provide benefit-oriented consulting

Our consulting is fully geared to your requirements and goals.
This includes a demand-oriented and targeted use of technology.
Because you don't have to follow every technology hype if state-of-the-art suits you much better.

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Our solutions really work and make customers happy

Our AI-based VoiceBot and IVR solutions take your customer service to a new level and save money.
Plus, your customers and employees will be more satisfied.

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