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Cloud Deployment

Network operators and other communications service providers are currently facing considerable challenges when migrating their services into the cloud — the latter being a necessary condition for offering flexible state-of-the-art communication services.

And there are several good reasons for a speedy migration: CSPs must provide their customers with new solutions and services as quickly as possible and therefore significantly reduce their own time-to-market when developing new business models.

This is the preferred way to generate new revenue while reducing their own CapEx/OpEx and lowering the cost of developing, integrating and operating new applications.

Cloud-Ready Solutions

Telcos need a flexible, cloud-ready, and universal service platform. A browser-based environment to develop and manage future-proof, value-added telephony services is a further important requirement.

This is exactly what the CreaLog Service Delivery Platform offers.

Flexible Cloud Support

The CreaLog Service Delivery Platform supports vSphere, KVM and Hyper-V as hypervisors. This is typical for private or on-premise cloud deployments.

In addition, public cloud providers offer on demand computing resources, storage and networking. By outsourcing the IT to the cloud, enterprises and service providers reduce infrastructure and operational cost and introduce new commercial models, like pay-per-use. Cloud service providers offer high reliability and high availability in a scalable and secure environment.

Cloud Orchestration

A powerful orchestration framework is a crucial factor for success, when managing large environments. OpenStack is a widely used open source cloud software and offers control of compute infrastructure, storage and networking resources with a powerful orchestration and management interface.

Containerization platforms add another level of modularization for applications. CreaLog supports Linux with its microservice architecture for these environments, which offers increased scalability and security, and less compute resource demand.

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