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Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

An intelligent personal assistant, also known as a voice assistant, mobile assistant or VoiceBot, is a software that enables information to be retrieved, dialogs to be conducted and assistance services to be provided by means of communication in natural, human language. All by performing a speech analysis with speech recognition, interpreting this semantically, processing it logically and, as a result, formulating an answer through speech synthesis. Apparently very different from a legacy IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with keypad input.

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... aka voice portal, voice computer, voice dialog system, conversational IVR

Even though the term 'bot' is derived from robot, it is 'only' an intelligent and talking computer program that automatically performs frequently repeated tasks. In our case, it enables a telephone dialog between man and machine in natural language. Companies usually use our voicebots in customer service to identify intents, answer inquiries automatically or connect callers with the right person.

Entity Recognition

A term from the interface between linguistics and computer science. Specifically, it is about which proper names (company names, persons) a computer program can recognize in a text and extract from it (information extraction). 

For example, the name Christoph can be spelled in many different ways, but it always sounds the same: Christof, Kristof, Kristoff, Krzysztof. And 'Apple' can be an apple, the computer company or Apple Records the label of the Beatles. With a first name, the computer hardly stands a chance; with a company name, the 'correct' term results from the context or domain.

First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR)

The term is a fixed component in the call, service or contact center environment. As a key performance indicator (KPI), it describes how many customer concerns were resolved during the first contact and is a reliable indicator of good customer service. Previously calculated only from calls, this ratio now also applies to all other contact channels such as e-mail, messenger, SMS or chat.

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