Professional Customer Sucess Services

Our Customer Success Services

Total dedication

The CreaLog platform is more than just a product for us. It is our very own innovation, our passion.

Individual consultation

We adapt our platform precisely to your needs and find the perfect solution for you.

Ongoing support

Our experts not only support you at the beginning, but throughout the entire life-cycle.


Enhance your investment

In addition to the mission oriented professional services, CreaLog also provides valued expertise and competence that helps customers evolve the CreaLog-based service offerings and to further leveraging the advantages provided by CreaLog products.

Business Consultancy

CreaLog’s Business Consultancy services leverage our extensive global experience of operator business opportunities and challenges. We offer qualified support to mobile operators around the world in identifying new business opportunities and capturing new revenue streams. We also support you in securing that your solution helps you reduce the total cost of ownership for your operator business services.

Advanced Configuration Mentorship

CreaLog products are recognized for their flexible design. The Advanced Configuration Mentorship service is designed to help you get the most out of your CreaLog investment by coaching you in the configuration of your solution.

Custom Software

CreaLog provides products that are leading in terms of flexibility and allow for easy integration in existing telecom environments. Through our Professional Services we offer solutions adapted to individual market and operator needs. Should your business have unique requirements our Custom Software services allow us to further tailor the solution to your individual market or operator requirements.

Prompt Engineering for Bots

How do you get a bot to tell exactly what a customer wants to know from the company in a voice or text chat? To prevent your bot from getting lost in generalities for hours on end, we work with you to create the appropriate, specialized prompts. In this way, we develop attractive prompts that do not bore customers and lead them to the desired goal in a blink of an eye. Promised!

Please download our Professional Services Data Sheet for Details.

Installation and Commissioning

An efficient launch of your solution

CreaLog’s delivery teams consist of telecom professionals with extensive experience from large installation and commissioning projects. We work together with you to ensure that your CreaLog solution, including hardware and software, is professionally integrated into your existing operating environment. We support you from analysis and design through to a successful service launch.

Training at the CreaLog Academy

Elevating your in-house knowledge at the CreaLog Academy

The CreaLog Academy offers a full range of training programs; from introductory courses to advanced product specialist and certification programs. The goal is to give participants the knowledge required to successfully use, administrate and maintain a CreaLog solution. All courses are designed to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer. Lectures by senior specialists are combined with demonstrations, discussions and hands-on exercises.

Introduction Courses

Our introduction courses provide a foundation to perform basic administration tasks and problem elimination.

Certification Courses 

Certification courses ensure that key personnel in your organization are thoroughly trained to handle operation, maintenance and the setup of new services on a CreaLog system in production. These courses are recommended prior to handover of installation projects to the line organization, to secure efficient operation of the total solution.

Product Specialist Courses 

Our product specialist courses give key personnel an in-depth understanding of setup and parameterization of selected CreaLog products and features. After the course, participants will be able to take an active role in CreaLog solution delivery projects.

Courses are available in several categories and are provided at CreaLog’s training facilities in Munich, Germany, or at your premises.

We offer 24/7 Support

Our motto is perfect service!

Our goal is consistent service quality from installation to ongoing support.

Our services guarantee permanent service quality and ensure the availability and reliability of your CreaLog solution. We offer various levels of support for your operational system, tailored to your needs, including the shortest possible response times 24/7.

Service customers can rely on extremely short response times in an emergency and our personal rapid repair and update service.

The most popular Support Service Categories

On-Site Plus Preferred

On-Site Plus Preferred is designed for operators wanting to get the most out of their flexible CreaLog solution in a demanding business environment. In addition to the services provided by On-Site Plus, free software updates are included, plus guaranteed response and repair times.

On-Site Plus Live

On-Site Plus Live is our most qualified program for personal support and proactive maintenance. It includes continuous monitoring, regular optimization and process consultancy. The service covers a complete system audit, including database analysis and tuning, intended to proactively uncover potential system issues prior to impacting the overall system and business performance. Terms will be agreed upon on an individual basis to suit your specific needs.

Please download our Professional Services Data Sheet for Details.

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified

The quality management system operated by CreaLog, has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (Reg. No. 1210017937 TMS) for Sales, Development and Operation of Telecommunication and Voice Automatization Solutions.

An Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 is included.

Please download our ISO Certificate for reference.

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