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NG-IN / Number Translation

Compelling benefits for operators and their customers

Most organizations using non-geographic numbers have them play an important role in their customer contact strategies, offering benefits far beyond run of the mill telephone numbers. Telephone operators seeking to stand out in the crowd of voice service providers can profit from the great value offered by CreaLog’s advanced number translation service. Its compelling benefits include:

Future-proof technology

CreaLog NTS is a SIP based solution ensuring interoperability with present-day equipment of any kind while ensuring a smooth transition to IMS networks if and when the need arises.

Network and device independent

Handles traffic from and to both IP and circuit-switched networks equally well. End destinations can equally be circuit switched or IP based, fixed or mobile, PBX, ACD, and more.

High capacity

Telco-proven platform with overload protection and options to limit traffic per customer and destination.

Highly customizable

Easily adapted to a broad range of customer requirements and scales to fit all subscriber market segments. 

Legal compliance guaranteed

Designed to accommodate any and all legal requirements for premium-rate call services.

Allows customer self-management

The operator determines the level of control each customer can exert via a user-friendly GUI, empowering corporate users to do their own administration and provisioning.

Efficient routing made easy

Routing configurations can be provisioned rapidly and easily. Customers are able to control routing options in line with their business processes and databases.

Flexible operating options

Can be operated standalone or combined with NG-IN Centrex and hosted ACD and IVR functionality to offer customers a completely hosted cloud solution.

Statistics for customers

Detailed statistics are available to provide customers with information on the use of their services.

Voice VPN

Large Corporate Customers often demand solutions for unifying their many locations with a multitude of premium rate numbers and local numbers. A Virtual Telephony Network based on the Telco infrastructure, but separately managed by the customer, is the solution.

Single communications platform and unified workflow system

Based on the CreaLog IN platform as a powerful base we offer solutions not only for the routing of calls alone but also including IVR (Voice Portal) and Contact Center functions to perform the desired tasks in a most efficient way. This allows to connect subscribers within enterprises with ease, even if these subscribers are in different locations or working in home offices. 

Using unified numbers for mobile and fixed networks in a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) positions puts the Telco even further ahead in the strive to serve as the unified communications service provider for his corporate customers.

Having delivered Voice VPN solutions with +100,000 end points in a single VPN we have a proven record of profound experience. 


SIP inbound and outbound call support, call redirection, call rejection, routing and transfers, call leg bridging, REINVITE audio re-routing, REFER support

SIP registrar server, proxy server, authentication support

Configurable SIP port range, NAT IP translation support, Multi-Ethernet card bridging support

Enhanced security with SIP TLS and SRTP

Benefits cont.

Audio prompt announcement playback, bridging, mixing, conferencing, noise removal, fixed and dynamic gain control, voice activity detection (VAD), call recording, codec transcoding, speech recognition (ASR), speech synthesis (TTS)

DTMF tone detection and generation

Turnkey server with optional built-in PSTN/SIP gateway

Supports all major W3C, IETF, ITU and ANSI standards

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