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IVR, Infotainment and Multimedia

Inspire subscribers with music and multimedia services!

Inspire subscribers with music and multimedia services!

Multimedia services based on our flexible, reliable, and highly scalable architecture deliver inspiring user experiences and guarantee continuous revenues.

The CreaLog Multimedia platform allows smooth streaming of voice, music, and video data to any mobile and fixed-net handset. The platform features a set of open interfaces ensuring connectivity to any content management system or live data feed.

We have entered partnerships with the leading content suppliers of the different markets to deliver world-wide and local content. Leveraging our turnkey solution and range of business models, buy, lease, and revenue share, we can help operators target their markets rapidly and aggressively.

Infotainment - Value Added Services (VAS)

Infotainment combines “Information” and “Entertainment” to create exciting value added services (VAS). Infotainment means delivering information-based media content to customers. Consumers love to participate in TV and radio shows. With televote, a TV or radio audience can vote for the best artist or give the right answer in a TV quiz. Creative contests form the heart of the most successful customer loyalty programs. Crowd services bring individual content from one citizen to another. Big voice and SMS campaigns can reach several tens of millions of people in a single marketing campaign.

These services can be implemented to enrich the operator’s service portfolio or as stand-alone VAS platforms with different VAS enterprises in a fully multi-tenant environment.

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