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Mobile Messaging Platform for SMS, MMS and RCS

Mobile Messaging Platform for SMS, MMS and RCS

A Signaling Service Broker for TDM, NGN, and IMS

The CreaLog Service Broker is an enabling technology for mobile and fixed-net operators. It facilitates migration to IMS/LTE and the NGN (Next Generation Network) while legacy application servers can stay in use.

The CreaLog IM-SSF Service Broker is an IP Multimedia Service Switching Function (SSF) for the IMS/LTE world. It can be connected to SIP based IMS and NGN networks as well as to legacy INAP/CAP/MAP protocols at the same time. The IM-SSF Broker allows concurrent operation of legacy service delivery platforms such as IN SCPs and the newer SIP based application servers.

A service broker of this kind is a boon for the migration process as it allows operators to continue their existing services while implementing new ones. Examples of services that may need to be continued are charging services, virtual private numbering, number translation, ringback tone, and messaging/SMS services.

Service Broker Setup


  • Smooth application migration from TDM to NGN and IMS/LTE
  • Run existing applications in both worlds
  • Implement new services on SIP application servers for both worlds


  • CreaLog IM-SSF Service Broker
  • Connectivity to both legacy INAP/CAP/MAP and SIP based IMS networks
  • Service broker for existing services and SIP based services
  • Versatile Service Creation Environment (SCE) for Service Broker and Application Server


  • Based on the proven CreaLog Telecom Platform
  • Enables reuse of existing investments
  • Broad range of interfaces: INAP, CAP, MAP, SIP with vendor specific variants
  • Signaling between both networks, e.g., users in IMS/NGN send SMS to GSM networks
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