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Service Delivery Platform

Boost your Third Party Service Provider connectivity

In today's fast moving telecoms market, mobile operators strive to evolve their existing business processes and platforms into an open ecosystem that enables collaboration among diversified players to conduct business easily.

To consolidate the variety of value added service platforms Mobile Operators are looking to establish open and reliable new Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) fitting perfectly into their IMS-System. The main aim of the investment being to offer more and more flexible connections to the mobile and billing networks via the SDP, as it is ever more important for Mobile Operators to offer a broad range of interfaces for Third Party Service Providers, like OpenAPI (specified by GSMA), SOAP and others.

Gateway for text and multimedia content distribution

The new CreaLog SDP for Mobile Operators will equally act as a gateway for text and multimedia content distribution for DELIVER (In) and SUBMIT (Out) requests via a Third Party Interface (TPI). 

DELIVER request are initiated by subscribers (Telco customers) by sending a text or MMS message to a short code. Subscribers may thus subscribe and unsubscribe any time via mobile or the web site to the services or games provided by the Third Party Service Providers. 

Equally SUBMIT requests are initiated by the Third Party Service Provider by sending a text or MMS message to the subscriber. Third Party Service Providers freely communicate with the subscriber by combining SUBMIT and DELIVER requests in SMS and MMS format. 

Being a gateway, the SDP also stores the database of all assigned short codes and keywords as well as the corresponding Third Party Service Providers. If a subscriber sends a DELIVER request, the SDP checks in real-time with the Operator databases whether the subscriber fulfils the necessary criteria for the requested service, like adequate account balance, adequate age or his handset capabilities. 

The CreaLog Service Delivery Platform

The real-time CreaLog Service Delivery Platform offers signaling, media, and messaging applications for any telecom TDM, NGN, or IMS network. A rich choice of off-the-shelf applications plus a powerful Service Creation Environment meet the market demand for new and enhanced applications. 

Fully graphical, it allows for easy integration of databases and web services. It enables rapid service creation, execution, delivery and management of a large number of composite services. 

With a single point of integration to network operators' OSS/BSS systems, operators can significantly cut down on deployment time for new services.


SDP for third parties for SMS and MMS

  • SMS/MMS VAS services
  • Services with and without subscription
  • SMS/MMS bulk services

 Realtime 3rd party interface 

  • Content delivery
  • Subscription management

Network integration 

  • Subscriber database
  • Online charging
  • Provisioning
  • Rating & Billing
  • Reporting
  • OAM
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