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24/7 Support

Support Services - we offer 24/7 support

Our motto is perfect service!

Our goal is consistent service quality from installation to ongoing support.

Our services guarantee permanent service quality and ensure the availability and reliability of your voice portal. We offer various levels of support for your operational system, tailored to your needs, including the shortest possible response times 24/7.

Service customers can rely on extremely short response times in an emergency and our personal rapid repair and update service.

Support Service Categories


Tele-Plus is designed to cater for all support needs related to non-mission critical systems such as test or trial systems. It includes the stocking of spare parts and trouble shooting via teleservice during business hours.

On-Site Plus

On-Site Plus provides a robust, entry level support offering. In addition to Tele-Plus it includes free spare parts and free on-site repairs.

On-Site Plus Preferred

On-Site Plus Preferred is designed for operators wanting to get the most out of their flexible CreaLog solution in a demanding business environment. In addition to the services provided by On-Site Plus, free software updates are included, plus guaranteed response and repair times.

On-Site Plus Live

On-Site Plus Live is our most qualified program for personal support and proactive maintenance. It includes continuous monitoring, regular optimization and process consultancy. The service covers a complete system audit, including database analysis and tuning, intended to proactively uncover potential system issues prior to impacting the overall system and business performance. Terms will be agreed upon on an individual basis to suit your specific needs.

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