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The CreaLog Contact Center architecture comprises the CreaLog Media Platform 6 as well as a large number of modules and other products.

CreaLog Media Platform 6:

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • CreaLog Voice Portal (IVR)
  • CreaLog IN

Modules and products:

  • Call Back Management
  • CreaLog Announcement
  • CreaLog Auto Attendant
  • CreaLog Computer Telefonie Integration (CTI)
  • CreaLog Conferencing
  • CreaLog Recording
  • CreaLog Speech Analytics
  • CreaLog Survey
  • CreaLog Unified Messaging
  • CreaLog UnifiedCommunications
  • CreaLog Dialer
  • Service Creation Environment (CDG)

Advantages of the CreaLog Contact Center architecture

  • a one-server concept even for companies with a number of sites
  • the system is based on the CreaLog Media Platform 6 with a universal workflow engine, which allows for graphical and intuitive operation in order to depict communications processes
  • complete carrier-grade suite with ACD, IVR, IN and add-on modules
  • modular software which automates many routine tasks
  • the system can be installed on site or is available from the cloud
  • project competence and professional service during integration
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