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Contact Center

Turn your call center into a profit center – as a central point of contact for the entire company.

A contact center standardizes and manages your entire customer communications on a central basis. The following can be distributed, managed and attended to from one contact point:

  • Session contacts: Telephone, video, web session, chat, social media
  • Incident contacts: E-mail, fax, letter, SMS, MMS
  • Inbound, outbound and predictive outbound

With a contact center,

  • your company speaks "with one voice",
  • you provide a consistent, positive customer experience via all communications channels, which means satisfied customers and staff,
  • you can handle increasingly complex services,
  • the value creation chain is extended as a result of the tasks following the customer contact, which means increased turnover,
  • you benefit from a flexible platform which reduces integration and operating costs and offers a high level of planning certainty and operational reliability.
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