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With CreaLog Announcement, a One-Number-Portal you can automatically play recorded messages to welcome callers, to give information about your products and services, to inform about opening hours, current technical problems or any other important company news.

You can vary your recorded messages according to the time of day or the date or according to the direct number the caller dialed. In addition, the evaluation of originating numbers makes individual messages for VIP groups or special regional messages possible.

With the integrated dialog function the caller can select the different departments or help desk specialists via keypad input (DTMF) or simply via speech recognition. While the caller is transferred, he or she hears music on-hold, information about your products or any other news from your company.
If there is no contact person available in the requested department the caller is given the choice either to wait or to leave a message on the integrated mail box.

The desired prompts are easily created via the integrated recording module, imported from external sources (e.g. Wave files) or optionally produced through the Text-to-Speech module.


  • flexible and fast reaction by individual recorded messages
  • interaction through key input and speech recognition
  • individual messages for specific caller groups and time of the day
  • integrated voice mail
  • comfortable user GUI for ease of operation
  • administration of messages anywhere in the network by mouse click
  • instant activation of the dialogs

CreaLog Announcement with its combination of dialogs, caller pre-qualification, transfer, waiting queues and voice mail is the ideal tool for your company on the customer interface. It increases your accessibility and service level, is easy to configure and saves time, costs and personnel.

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