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Auto attendant

CreaLog Auto Attendant

CreaLog AutoAttendant allows the user to be connected to employees, agencies or departments.

Input is in colloquial sentences such as: "I'd like to speak to Ms Schneider in Marketing" or "I need to talk to someone in Sales".

The caller can also be given information on direct dial, cell and fax numbers as well as the e-mail address of the person they are trying to reach. The postal address and office address can also be stated.

The system's reliable speech recognition facility switches quickly, easing the workload of the switchboard. This makes it simple to absorb peak loads of incoming calls or a customer service center. It also means basic information is also available at night and weekends.

CreaLog customers use the auto attendant in a wide variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Easing the load on switchboards at peak times to reduce queuing times
  • Use after office hours and during breaks
  • Complete replacement for the existing switchboard system
  • Switching internal calls via the auto attendant so that external callers reach a person more quickly.


  • Voice-controlled auto attendant
  • Calls can be accepted round the clock
  • Direct connection to the person you want to speak to or their deputy
  • Additional information such as address, e-mail address and cellphone number
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