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The quick and value-for-money customer satisfaction survey or opinion poll

Quality management is more important than ever!

Do you know how satisfied your customers were with your telephone service today? Many companies are already using automated surveys at the end of a call with a customer support agent in a helpdesk or call center to monitor the quality of customer service on an ongoing basis.

After a telephone call with a customer adviser, customers are transferred to the customer survey system. They are asked to rate the call and the agent's performance on a scale of marks. The company manages the questions to be asked via a web-based user interface.

A variety of marking systems can be chosen, e.g. marks 1-6 or marks 1-10 to guarantee maximum flexibility. The requisite announcements with the questions are also convenient to manage, update and activate in a browser.

Statistics are queried using a browser and hence up-to-date figures are always available.

A special feature of CreaLog Survey is that as soon as the customer's rating falls below a pre-defined threshold, the customers are asked to add a comment to the questions to give more information about the reason why they are not satisfied. These comments are then archived as part of the call for later processing.

Suitable for any type of customer survey or opinion poll
CreaLog Survey can be used flexibly for any type of customer satisfaction survey or opinion poll, either as a stand-alone solution that actively calls customers as an outbound call, or inbound as a satisfaction survey at the end of a call with a customer support agent. Customer comments can be recorded on the voice portal itself or via connected voice recording systems. CreaLog Survey is available in many European languages.

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