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Dialog Transcription

Call Transcription stands for storing the complete content of a call in a text file

To provide our customers with the best possible results in the fully automated analysis of phone calls, we use only best-of-breed technology. First CreaLog customers are already using the technology and the results provide promising new insights into the mechanisms and content of conversations in service centers.

We will gladly advise you on suitable solutions for your aims 

  • Is quality assurance and market research your principal focus?
  • Do you need real-time analysis or are detailed reports on a regular basis sufficient?
  • Do you search for keywords (keyword spotting) in calls or do you need a transcription of entire conversations?

We always work with stereo recordings where callers and agents are recorded in separate tracks. This enormously facilitates conversation breakdown and allows to perform further in-depth analysis of particularly interesting or problematic conversations.

The advantages of Direct Transcription vs. Standard Recording

The main advantages of direct transcription:

  • Find important text passages with ease
  • Simple subsequent analysis with new catchwords
  • Dynamic creation of word frequency statistics and Word Clouds
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