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Speech Analytics

CreaLog Ai fueled Speech Analytics

Gain valuable information from recorded phone calls

Telephone calls with your customers are a valuable source of information because they provide in-depth information about customer satisfaction, competitive information, potential service problems, employee performance and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. But the large number of telephone calls in contact centers makes a purely manual evaluation and analysis impossible.

CreaLog Speech Analytics transcribes and analyzes up to 100 percent of your recorded phone calls, providing you with valuable information. During the phone calls, the spoken words, phrases and topics are identified and the context analysed to identify communication trends and opportunities.

Important fields of application are:

  • Better first resolution rate: With speech analysis, certain call patterns in calls can be quickly identified. Reasons, products or employees, which frequently appear in connection with repeated calls, can be identified and in the course of customer contact the various conversations can be combined to an overall picture. Solving inquiries already with the first contact is considerably simplified.
  • Lower average handling time (AHT): Speech analysis can reveal why extended handling times occur. Which topics and which employees contribute to a rise in AHT.
  • Better compliance and risk reduction: Every single contact is automatically checked with speech analysis.
  • Automatic quality assurance: In contact centers, generally only 1 to 3% of all calls are monitored manually. With speech analysis, 100% of all calls can be automatically monitored, transcribed, categorized, tagged and evaluated.
  • Better customer service: Speech analysis can identify and segment why a customer is dissatisfied in a given conversation.
  • Higher yields: Speech analysis also recognizes which behaviours lead to positive results and thus contributes to the improvement of training material and behaviours.

Workforce Optimization with Quality Management

The focus is on recording, analyzing and evaluating conversations between contact centers and their customers. The content of these conversations is automatically analyzed. The results of the analysis are used to optimize business processes and to improve customer service quality. 

Improvement of call quality and business processes

The analysis and evaluation supported by speech technology allows a variety of call recordings to be examined for business-related issues, for examp

  • Does the contact center agent adhere to discourse guidelines? 
  • Do the agent's skills meet the requirements of the campaign? 
  • Is the agent able to implement specified corporate quality characteristics? 
  • Does the agent achieve the specified goals of the call? 
  • Does the caller come across as agitated or unhappy? 
  • Is reference made to current marketing activities?

CreaLog's highly-developed speech analytics technology makes it possible to track down the relevant passages automatically from a host of call recordings. This allows the supervisor or team leader in the contact center to listen specifically to the sections of the call that the system has highlighted as problematic, to check suspected weaknesses and to initiate relevant coaching measures.

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