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Banks / Brokers

Banks / Brokers

Customer contact by phone plays a key role for banks and brokers

With large numbers of customers and employees, banks and brokers place enormous demand on their ICT infrastructure and security of communications for banking transactions.

We understand the requirements of banks such as private banks and co-operative banks, savings banks and brokers, regional banks, credit card companies and fund managers. Our customers include all these financial services providers, making CreaLog the market leader in this industry.

True multi-channel bankingtoday also includes ASR (speech recognition) telephone banking, either with an employee in the bank's service center or via an IVR (Voice Portal), and supporting telephone contacts in the branches.

Banking customers use the CreaLog Voice Portals over 30 million times a year for their telephone banking transactions and display high level of acceptance of this extremely secure telephone contact.

In addition to the security of the calls, banking customers appreciate the speed of the transactions: "The quickest transfer in Europe" using the CreaLog Voice Portal brings fast and final transfer by phone into sharp focus!

No true multi-channel banking without telephone banking

Multi-channel banking means true freedom of choice in how to access the bank, irrespective of time, location and the banking customer's concern. Real multi-channel banking today also includes true telephone banking, either with an employee in the bank's service center or via a voice dialog system in the telephone banking system.

Telephone banking via a voice dialog system allows the customer to instruct banking transactions around the clock from any phone anywhere, conveniently using voice recognition and with maximum security! At present, banking customers are using market-leading CreaLog telephone banking solutions over 30 million times a year for their banking transactions via voice portal – and the trend is only upwards!

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Self-service transactions completed over the phone

CreaLog Banking is a solution tailored to customer requirements for the completion of typical banking processes using natural language dialog over the telephone.

Similar to an internet portal, the customer uses the voice portal on the telephone. He can manage his accounts, find out balances, make transfers, block credit and debit cards, inquire about stock prices and obtain important information from his bank. Round-the-clock access to the system makes it an important pillar of professional multi-channel banking.

Features of CreaLog Banking include the use of natural language understanding (NLU) enabling uncomplicated and secure call flow, as well as a high level of security through user authentication via voice biometrics.

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Telephone brokerage

Trade securities by phone?
Not a problem! 

Securities of all types have been traded using the speech-enabled CreaLog telephone brokerage system for over 10 years, all with secure speech recognition on a secure platform with no fraud.

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Solutions for branch support

Branch Support is a huge challenge for the banks' customer service. Customers come into the branch by appointment or unannounced and want to be served quickly. At the same time calls are being received, the customers want information or to make an appointment.

We can provide solutions for these needs, which are described below.

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Security for multi-channel banking

It goes without saying that the risk of fraud, in Internet banking, at ATMs or at self-service terminals, is increasing all the time for customers and banks.

Two CreaLog systems, which can be used either individually or combined, offer an interesting way of improving security.

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SEPA and IBAN in multi-channel banking

The use of the IBAN will become mandatory over the next few years as part of international standardization of electronic payment transactions. The SEPA payment instruments that are already in use are already working with the IBAN and BIC. The statutory obligation to use the IBAN means that the SEPA process will become much more widely used.

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