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Branch Support

Solutions for branch support

Branch Support is a huge challenge for the banks' customer service. Customers come into the branch by appointment or unannounced and want to be served quickly. At the same time calls are being received, the customers want information or to make an appointment.

We can provide solutions for these needs, which are described below.

Branch and general information

It is very useful to offer an announcement of branch opening hours to callers to save the branches having to keep answering recurring inquiries. If the caller would like to know the exact location of the branch, the address can be read out. If the customer is looking for the nearest branch, he is asked for the zip code of his location and the location of an appropriate branch will be read out.

If the caller is calling from a cell phone, the address and directions can also be sent to him by SMS.

Of course the same is also possible for current product information or when looking for an ATM.


If the customer would like to make an appointment with his personal adviser and the latter is not immediately available, an awkward to-ing and fro-ing often begins with messages being left on each other's answering machines.

Why not just transfer the customer to the bank's central contact center in such cases? A customer adviser there can note the customer's desired appointment and enter it directly in the adviser's diary.

In a nutshell, "happy customer and time saved".

Make branch answering machines redundant

Branch answering machines are often a problem and frequently have obsolete announcements. CreaLog Unified Messaging offers a central system at the bank's headquarters which is also used by the branches. This enables the bank's external acoustic image to be safeguarded centrally without sacrificing local adaptations.

Callback management

If the caller leaves a message on an answering machine requesting a callback, this immediately raises two questions:

1. Who will listen to the message and when?

2. Will the caller's call really be returned at the desired time?

CreaLog Callback solves both problems. The caller is asked to leave a short message and to say when he would like his call returned. After all, not everyone is available all the time.

This callback request is flagged centrally to all agents in the service center but only shortly before the time the caller requested his call to be returned. One of the agents accepts and reserves the callback request so that no other agent can work on the process in parallel. He then listens to the message briefly and initiates the callback.

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